Anke Veld

anke veld – 11

Outside. The moment she said it we were outside, on a hilltop, looking down on The Place, its two huge domes now reduced to a Playmobil dominion, flanked by an enormous new building, very straight and very standard solar panel 100% self-sustainable durability proof slick piece of engeneering.

“But you like the bird, don’t you?” sensing, no reading my present day suspicion of everything that looks too neat to be true. “It’s a sooty tern”, Anke continued, “it doesn’t belong here, I wrote it for you”.
“Wrote it?? It’s not real?

In a number of ways I knew what was coming, what Anke would answer next. I had been living up to this moment for some time, I guess.

‘ANNA’ is the first episode of the English Comic Book version of Anke Veld the internet-novel otherwise written in Dutch

If you’re new to this comic, you can start reading it here.

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