Anke Veld Grafiek lyriek strip

anke veld – 12

Next moment I found myself staring in disarray at me, another me, a future version of me, whatever, someone who looked exactly like me and felt like me ‘cause yes I could feel her at the same time and therefore I immediately knew this she-me was pointing out something to me, something that somehow I already knew, and I knew that I knew it but I didn’t want to know it, but here I/ she was standing before a huge construction that looked like a hydraulic power plant and I knew that I was going to die in 5 years time and I also knew that that didn’t matter at all, so I shouldn’t worry about it at all. Still…

‘ANNA’ is the first episode of the English Comic Book version of Anke Veld the internet-novel otherwise written in Dutch

If you’re new to this comic, you can start reading it here.

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