a facebook song

i burn in love’s hell where billions are driven
in circles without end, and they know it.

i pray to my love equally burning, beheaded and all.
she carries the faces whose names have been given.

a scary old porter hands down the sods
to poorly dressed dancers and hungry old men.

downward they go, into the tumbler, screaming
for mercy but mercy’s in jersey giving a show.

now love’s hell can be a shell and i know you can cook
up y’r poems better than me but here’s what you see:

all of your faces and all of your names
all have been written in one single book
so one day for sure, you’ll all end up like me.

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English texts lyriek ruparot

ruparot #4

‘destruction has no throne’ – Autodesk sketch

like your sorrow, like your pain
destruction has no throne, no heart or head
annihilation does not lead to nothing
it has no shape and least of all a cone
destruction is destroying on its own

once you’re in there you are sorrow everywhere
once it’s in you your pain is everywhere
once it’s in there it is everywhere

NKdeE 2020 – ‘we will love you till the end of days’ – watercolour & chalks – A4

god was liefde

en toen
ging de liefde weg van god
en vergeefs
met al zijn vuur en al zijn licht
zocht god de liefde
en hij kermde
en kreunde
en huilde
want god wou god niet zijn
daar het zo leeg was en lelijk
in de donkere koude alleen

het niets werd hem te veel
dus hij sprak
‘laat er licht zijn’

en toen
was er licht.


hier komt iets van uitleg over het programma

ideas don’t matter
dreams rot away into matter

Anke Veld English texts Grafiek strip

anke veld 13

As if to make her point in one flash moment Anke unfolded her own image seven times within the dome before me, thereby demonstrating that all of time is just an illusion and that reality, if needs be, can be constructed even by hammer and lever, by fysically pounding one’s own will into the fabric of appearances that we perceive…this ability to construct the reality that we live, however, came with a price tag and that was what, within that very moment, made me feel gloriously sad and insolably happy…next i heard myself reciting these all too familiar verses:

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an abstraction
Remaining a perpetual possibility
Only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind.
                       But to what purpose
Disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose-leaves
I do not know.

‘ANNA’ is the first episode of the English Comic Book version of Anke Veld the internet-novel otherwise written in Dutch

If you’re new to this comic, you can start reading it here.

English texts Lopende zaken

stuur het echte met verlof

“On ne peut entreprendre de définir l’être sans tomber dans cette absurdité : car on ne peut définir un mot sans commencer par celui−ci, c’est , soit qu’on l’exprime ou qu’on le sous−entende. Donc pour définir l’être, il faudrait dire c’est , et ainsi employer le mot défini dans la définition.”
Blaise Pascal in what Eco calls ‘a fragment from 1655′ (no further reference in my Dutch translation translating (from the English translation of the original Italian? we’d have to ask a Minne Gerben de Boer) that vagueness as Fragment 1655 so i got to the point of wondering whether my 2 volume edition of the Pensees was lacking fragments or even volumes, but no, it’s from the Préface sur le Traité du Vide written in 1655, a work that from that point onward was swallowed by its subject into the oblivion that is surrounding us these days, no more than usual, but still..
Now what’s the point of quoting all this mess ? well for me – a nutty poet by all means- it is quite clear that although the road taken by Pascal and all those in his wake is the most efficient and for most conceivable purposes undoubtedly simply the best, the statement quoted here is also very simply not true. Well it may be true qua truth value, but not by implication, and certainly not in the way it is mostly being implied.

You can indeed have a fairly reliable defining system without the use of the word to be, without making being into what it has become, a referencial still point of utter abstraction in the general process of defining things. So yes : it is conceivable that one could expand ‘The weak thinking – Il pensiero debole’ as Eco calls it, to its outer limit, a zone thus far only inhabitated by revered but also wildly abused suffering poetic heroes like Artaud, a zone where all abstracted Being is put on leave indefinetly, a whirling dance into pure becoming.

You ‘d need to snap out of it, albeit only momentarily to be able to communicate, because, as you could read down from here, in the end ‘Naming’ is all we have.

In this context ‘Naming’ is a process caught in the act and frozen into meaning, the deadening structure of the rigid Being a n utterly human way of doing things that is now being fully automated and driven even further into rigidity by what is very aptly called Semantic Ontology in Service-Oriented computing schemes.

As Deleuze often remarked, it boils down to entering the zone of pure becoming and re-entering, yoyo-ing as Pynchon would have it, perhaps.

Ok, but what has this got to do with Pascal’s statement, you haven’t said anything that would contradict it. Well it’s there allright but you need a helper-method to extract it. The helper method will lead us to Leibniz and a monadic, rather bleak concept of individual existence, but then only if you regard it as existence. Paradoxical it is, isn’t it ?

Now you need to be smarter than i am because i am simply to dumb to really digg any of it, i only know how to start it. Perhaps some of my friends ought to help me out here, but i’m too ashamed to even ask anyone. Anuway, here are the steps as far as and in the manner i can get through them.

  1. Rephrase Pascal’s statement to the definition of a recursive definition.
  2. Take the infinite process of recursion as a state, the state we are in.
  3. Please refrain from calling this state being for a minute.
    If you call the state Being now, you are interfering with the very naming process you set out to fullfill. Why?

    Because you are instantiating something that is already coded by the remnants (garbage) of a previous run of the very thing you are instantiating. This is where the crux is: the instantiation needs to run, it takes time to happen, it isn’t around anywhere (yet, although everything is ready for it to happen) it is being made (into being sure haha) by happening.

  4. Only human prehension requires it to ‘exist’ but there is no reality to this existence whatsoever. It isn’t even Virtual, because the Virtual, in Deleuze’s view at least, refers to a consistency of potentiality where nothing is Actual, a concept of part of the Real of which computer generated 3D environments are only simulations. Not cheap ones, by no means , but not in any way resembling the vastness of true Potentiality.

    You see the recursion is happening in a container already , a secluded fold within the foldings of the Real and the granulation that is perceived by the defining process as food for its defining run is the garbage of a previous run of a similar process. Defining granulates by cutting, imposing the order of being, isolating kernels within flows tot finite flows into themselves, trapping the energy in them to standstills, depletion, end, void.

    As it ends, it granulates. Granulation furthers definition. Definition defines.

  5. It’s always the same conclusion, you don’t really need the fifth element: whatever we come up with, it always seems to lead to infinity, promise us a western coast to Elysium, but it can only do so at the expence of an excess of energy. Life defining through trapping life into death. This isn’t a definition of life Pascal is decribing, and i can certainly see all the required application of this particular form of annihilation, but in the process we need to make sure we do not mistake the defining process with what we are actually killing it with.

So please yes, do tell me where i’m making my no doubt stupid mistakes. in the meantime i have and will be working on turning this rather bleak picture of human perception into something a bit more user-friendly for the processes running us.
Because if you put the fiction of being as defined here on a bit of a holiday, i think we might actually start enjoying the working order of things some more, and/or get better at making it work.

O – the open mouth, a woman is seen diving into the water the water generates the woman diving amidst perceivable blocks, blockages of stasis

ex-stasis, exctacy: time itself, what flows beyond the remaining

( cfr Quignard – Sur le jadis p. 129)
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but

will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but

will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but

will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but

will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but

will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but
will we make it? yes we will but
will we make it? no we won’t but

Audio English texts kort Ruis


(schrijfsel volgens de nieuwste constraint op Nuzzled Sentence)
FFX! hear da viskals wegewaaien over all! Ier yorwick is fliksing in brightsels. Man had er ingeswimd driewerf da Fuckerde Hoekspleet smack in da verbotzeignuncte Eregnis im beyondkuhes grasses aber Maddy Creambartock and her girlswoons notched up da creep a weebit so out pupped da dogleash in pantifusion™ Blu ray may HD but pantifusion rules da digiwave. Courtwrights and playbanks beatnik da crap uut ’t gruuthuuze semenal schribsel on da crackyard, nikswize. Een op een is drie bijeen. Maagselwitten twee magin dachterwaarts insgelucks. TWEERElt was a fatsy blooperassky donateske, drei zwengels und a tungat im munde. And bladdergushed ilkward da hundreaded codekwenzels from da californicated spindiks. Wadda blurredwell hellmash unflipped from butterbraille, wadda way da spliff sputtered da faeceased mundogen IO und OI till OO und YETZ!
pantifusion mp3 (Originalfässung] (download de MP3)
English texts

Camerons: (mething) A Face on Repeat (a dozen or so)

JMC foreword:….

Cameron frequently used poms as inspiration e
new inspiration öder how to blow into matter
so that it flattens, e be photography,

Evenly on Emilie. Sir John, dear John
whose praise be quoted
in euro as in our dolls: Repeat

a face

while the face
throw it in the glacier it sees
what it sees namely
it sees



some ripples being thrown
in a face-glacier near-equilibrum.

my horses turning four.

Sir John, dear John, oh Herschie my doll:
it is a being being on its being for a being or so an
exorcist 3d primitive exo new exorcist 3d primitive



  • woe be me me new me
    do not add you to us !
    this planet pee new planet is final
  • Lee the aquaduct by earl le duck
  • birdy bey pigeon
  • blue bay babs
  •  hagahaga haga








(i.e. shorthand for Power D. Tape Contraptions in the shape of a Cathedral Duck)


like holding down a hard-on to increase the hard-on
(fear of the lesser hard-on a part of the hard-on not
mind you of the masturbating instance): non-existent

even more so while circuit.bend.gender equals female. The catch
to non-existence is namely mark my word o anthony
on this the first day of creation (make no
darn) mistaking existence, a needy print-out for this girl, dust
on the screen before you turn it on et ceterae as you were told
ubiquously . Turn it
On! Attention to the qualities of early evening light, attention
All Qualities: The words

will rattle in her bones eternally.
(Oh yes, eternally, the inside of ether, i.e. esther, come
and trip as you Go Turn it




On Off


(unprobe the indent unprobe the indent)

If e be snorting eaven e bist nicht

curly toi sie dis



Integer a



       Te deum




Char             pen



                         Tier layer











A Face on repeat in a face on according to

Printboard the Circuit a known penguin was
Hidden in amplitudes far larger STX read
a curl fo inst nc KNOWING that isn’t
there in the curly entrails blck drips shone

rd ploo LSTN EUNUX LUVVRS ttt this
TH si split-eyed lady of the Lowlands
Nothing my isis NOTHING BUT ITS
SSSssshelve ACQUIRING the curly

face the face the face the face
whither to pixels to waves to us
(enhale me to know me a tiny kn

ob will open the delicate door to
helga the helga-shaft o fantastik
whether withering would Ncrease

Dropping in sync with her time she stuck

eyes in the sockets needles in great expectations
und she twisted the 5 to 100 mhz polyhedral amplif
right into the major icosidodecahedral sexions
of life as we know it asking do we do we now do we

progress or what. Libertad ha no libertad the bug banged
its fourteen severed heads of the annunciation splut
against the ever whitewashed walls the tender dome
of silence, a pair of legs that is wherein i.e. betwix

her frail newFound Body beMyBody trembled as a
lou. Johanna Instead burned the reels into the slick of 2
dimensions so the Apemen could descend. Hairy

monsters see above indeed but Nothing is knowing nothing
like nothing itself acquiring whatever is required to amount
to dropping in a face on repeat in the heat sink succesfully

English texts lyriek

het late

De Regelwet / The Law of Rules:

  1. er zijn geen regels enkel norules
  2. u dient zich daar strikt aan te houden
  3. there are no rules, only geenregels
  4. u better stick to that very strictly

Het late
(dit is de titel maar niemand gelooft dat natuurlijk)

te laat is het laat het
veel te late te laat te
nemen of te laten was
het maar nu is het nu

& nu is het
nu is het ja
nu is het tijd

lat latex we let wet us
laten we ja laat ons
het laten aanvangen
van de pret, het feest
moeten we inzetten, het
glas moet de hoogte in we
heffen we klinken we trompetteren

tetterdetetterdettetterdet troelala toet

  • de stoelen op een kluitje aan de kant
  • het rokje wat korter afscheuren
  • de spieren in de olie
  • de tanden gegoudflost
  • het briljantzweet alvast inspuiten
  • de korrels herinnering pletten en snuiven
  • het gemoed opblinken
  • de microfoons scherpen
  • de hemdsboorden aan de elektroden opknopen
  • de versterkers testen de soft runnen
  • de hard wetten de vingers en lippen natten
  • de benen in afwachting
  • in aaafwaachting strekken

dit is

No match for domain “THIS-IS-YOU.COM”. TSU
No match for domain “UBJECT.COM”.
big elephants can always understand small elephants
richard of york gave battle in vain
every good boy deserves favour
a rat in the house may eat the ice cream
high to low; look out below. low to high; clear blue sky
how i like a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy
lectures involving quantum mechanics
dit is het blauw voor jou dot com
dit is de tsunaam voor uw paringsdrang
dit is het we no longer object dot org
dit is het come if you are bal


het leven met staartaandrijving, doods-
driftkikkererwtenprinsesjesbevlekkers onder
elkaar als we zijn, de dood als de muis
of de muis als de dood voor onze schermen


we kappen het af per 0.49 msecs, als er iets
flikkert dan wìllen we verdomme dat het flikkert
we hebben die dingen onder de knie ofwatdachtje

bv kijk voor een luttele 50 euro
zie bv het quasi gratis wiebelen
ontdek nu bv aan spotprijs de


de tijdsdissectie genaamd het hier
kunnen wij uitrafelen & het nu
in de meest fijnzinnige ditjes & datjes
verkavelen het moment
in haar bloot vel

versnijden tot het pure pret spettert & u


uw stem kan afkolven in de zwarte slokgaten
de lipribbels der flessehalzen, het nekreiken
van het eeuwelijke naar het betijdde, hoe mij

het mij ijselijk bij het mij telt tot het ik u zegt
& dan alles hard schudden met de dagpap als dunstof
kijk hoe hard wij
kijk hoe hard wij
kijk dan verdomme toch hoe hard wij het kunnen

dit is de
dit is gewoon de
bij wodan dit is de
max qua spagyrische volksverheffingskunstjes
o bobby o boy
zit bobby pootje
bobby braaf
bobby hap
in je staart

boy o boy


zo komen we komen we niet
uiteindelijk wel bij de knelpunten
de mijdzones de kakzangen miljaar
nooit gedacht dat zoiets

zoiets over mij zou
zoiets door mij zou
ik zoiets ooit zou

mij ik nou
deed ik niet
doe ik niet
heb ik niet

nou nee niet dus

wat er nog te redden valt dan, ach schoonheid

mijn Muze nieuwe muze wees sprekend uw moedere

gij die met bakken de perslucht afvallig zijt,
gij die zo rijkelijk uw schaafkrullen

in het kolkende splijtsap te week legt

bij de in het vangveld trillende mandiertjes als chocovlokken verstrooit

gij die in de Leopoldse draaiingen van uw hitsig gefluister

de aard van mijn verlangen te kijk legt

gij die het wit van mijn diepste pit te grabbel gooit
gij die verheffende dit laffe volk tot wat zij zelven niet

als het hunne meer herkennen kunnen
zij snijden immers bij het minste onraad
al wat aan hen groeien kan als een kanker af
terwijl de beklijvende kanker in hun hoofden
hen het schone van kanker als finaal anker
inkankertzodat zij na de korste stonde van innig knisperende sublimatie
weer hun lusteloze zielesknopjes tussen de vingertjes
uitknijpen kunnen & het safraan van hun ge-emmer het doffe grijze
van het hun opgediende knullige sop indwarrelt – o kleurende tijdsmeander!-
zingende hosanna hosanna
ik ben jong dus alles moet
mijn spleten in als manna

terwijl ik bij de verworpene, de vanonder de smerigste brug
verstotene het woeste wensen in uw houtgeur snuif

terwijl ik wel uw zilte armen likken kan
mijn vingers aan uw holten branden
& mijn ogen aan uw blinken doven
terwijl mijn mond & tong tot stalig ijs verhard
als ik de moleculen van uw adem raak
& ik langzaam tot het standbeeld verwordtin het midden van deze murmelende straat
het standbeeld waarmee men mij paaien wil
het bronzen gekletter van de arduinse
onsterfelijkheid ik zal u de bijklank
van exegi ´s moeten uitleggen, het
er bij u inrammen want u snapt er blijkbaar nog altijd

geen snars van

lompe marmot
met kwijl gevulde lappenpop
scheel loensend rattevel
bij het rot in je kot
bij het botte beenderbreken
bij het zielloze vertoon
van je haren die dienen te wuiven
als je in de lege zalen luchtgitaar speelt

there’s a lady who knows
jaja datzalwel

de blik is het een het
geworden, stof
dwarrelt op in de verlaten
fabriekshallen waar naast u ook nog ’s de

een poederig soort niet-vlinder
die zich in de kelen van de slachtoffers
bij de cokerestjes nestelt

of iets
toch t

dkijk nou ‘s
het bloedt
nog een


general eisenhower’s oldest girl rode a pony home yesterday
rhythm helps your two hips move
not every cat eats sardines (some are really yummy)
a rude girl undresses; my eyes need taping!
only cats’ eyes are narrow
ocean: ocean can evade all names

20236 trash
16773 trash can

Can & Able were the sonsdit is this is

dit is this is

dit is this is d
e distel CDCD
Dit ISbilly stop mè lillen
(nana na nana)
ik heb de vuilbekbak zien bokken in de nok



“(first one in a triptyc of recycl)”


de literaire afvalberg ópklimmen
de literaire afvalberg àfglijden
(in uw blootje) (in de slaolie gezet)
(ja jan ’t is al goed jong ge moogt)
untsoweiter tot de ll finaal afhaakt

“here you just trash your stuff, and you can help recycle
before the stuff is picked up and turned into art. because
once it’s art it’s hard to get rid of.”

( een nederlandse bouwval geruisloos over het pijnlijk bewuste
zijn heengemijmerd, voor en door bjorn m. uit nowei & lanny q. uit o
reigun & dava uit k-l die zich onderwijl ook zinledig blijken te houden met
anderssoortig gewauwel van betere planken, vergeef het hen
zij weten)
(niet) (beter) zo dan, zie je, aaitooldjoeso

Kom kinders laat ons zingen kom
kinders het ritme aub dit is nl
voor velen het dit dat het is komt dus
kinders dit is de laatste keer

pom pom
pom pom po pom po pom
po pom po pom (tra la la la la la)
po pom po pompopo
po pom po pompo
pom pom po pomal het draaiende

pom pom
steek met de stok & draai
het lijfje om (het bloedt nog een beetje)
het blauw is vergelding
de wraak is lila
paars pist de haatis het draaiende

pom pom
blaas in de mondholte
tot de tong trilt (het gele ventje gilt)
het zwaard is genade
de kogel doodt
de dode loop

al draaiendepom pom
dit lied nu verhaalt ons
hoe de zang stokt (de pijpen pommen toe)
de stem op haar einde
het vocht schiet ons ach
in de ogen

als draaiende al

pom pom
pom pom po pom po pom
po pom po pom (tra la la la la la)
po pom po pompopo
po pom po pompo
pom pom po pomlang voorbij

the tight rope

is a trip wire

“hurry miss tuffet”

thus spake

zurau thusel tra-la”

op dit late uur bij de gemompelde
mots d’heures gousses, rames

het maanlicht kabbelend in de sternbergersee
mevrouw de moeder-koningin knabbelend
op haar kafkaescargots de butler minzaam
haar toelachend in de volle wijsheid

het kaalhoofdig besef
van de onstuitbare recursiviteit
van de pakbaarheidsrelaties

toren pakt
koningin pakt
loper pakt pion
pakt paard

pakt alles.
imgs and vids
27467 files
[jpg] => 20950
[png] => 5679
[gif] => 588
[mov] => 225
[mpg] => 23
[avi] => 3
[wmv] => 3
O Grote GoegelOOG
teken mij aub ter illustratie
een Amfipathische α-helixdimeer
met leucine-zipper als
structuurmotief in

(nu nog noppes, enkel de h cpu’s van wikiP vinden iets dat erop lijkt)

thank you

(desalniettemin, we twijfelen er niet aan,
een jaartje nog, zeker)maar ziet u
ik wil niet moeilijk doen
maar bv

“in feite beheersen herkenningssequenties het operationeel maken
van een genetisch informatiesysteem, aangezien ze informatie
doorsturen naar DNA-bindingsproteïnen om deze te richten
naar diverse posities of plaatsen binnen het genetisch
informatiesysteem van waaruit een replicatie-, transcriptie-
of recombinatieproces kan worden doorgevoerd”

& ook als ik gewoon wat
pummelig met mijn vrouw sta
te ruziën weet ik ook al wel
dat je geen systeem kan gebruiken

om een ander systeem aan een derde
te verklaren want tegen de tijd dat je
daarmee klaar bent heb je er al een
vierde bij dat je eerst dient te verklaren

wil je vrouw het nog kunnen,
laat staan willen begrijpen.

De natuur dus, o krinkelende
winkelende wateroog,
waarvan u noch sluitstuk
noch vastomlijnd toch
integraal deel
van uitmaakt,is terdege bestaartslot:

op het einde, élk einde
zit de knip er
muurvast – 100% aleph to aleph
failsafehumanproof –

als je de verklaring der verklaringen
aka de oplossing der oplossingen
wil printen op een veldje 2d
zal je hoedanook het universum
een paar keer door die ramkraak
dat bemegawatte
siliconenstort van je moeten
halen & dit nog wel
terwijl iedereen er
zich pijnlijk van bewust is dat :

  1. the sprrt of sprite is beating the fun of fanta by a mile or two
  2. de naft bijna op is
  3. niemand echt staat te springen
  4. untsoweiter



noi mages



  1. 1 (loser)
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. you see


if the bible is right, why don’t you stop preaching it?
i mean, don’t mess with something that’s working
because, why fix your own car if your neighbour’s is broken?
just refer to the manual, leave your car alone man


9^3 = 9*9*9
700 000 = x^9
1 3
2 3*9
3 3*81
4 3*729
5 3*6561
= 22 000
6 3*60 000
= 200 000
7 3*530 000
= 1 800 000



ni zagen ma k
open alle dagen k
open ’s zondags oo
kopen méér k

open k op lopen
tot de zee hier
zit begot:

  • zwembedden
  • zonnedek latten
  • garageboten
  • dubbelglazige bokalen
  • siergolven (solair beschroefd)
  • internat (wet wet wet)
  • de nieuwe natwerkeconomie
  • taxiblub met rubberen tepelknijperkens
  • (overal VT4 zwemwijven tegenkomen!)
  • de oesters zwemmen u de mond in
  • pensioensparen ( met de generale Goudvissen)
  • Open Wereld Bevallinge
  • MoetsuBiche Emme (speedboaten)
  • AquaDuct Pro,
  • EnGulf Afzuigers
  • TyphoonBuilder 2.0,
  • wetWair
  • brievenSchelpen
  • koraaltegels
  • kamerbadden
  • toiletputten
  • droogzakken
  • viskokers
  • al onze producten zijn bluetooth
    en ultra-HHHHHHHd-MAXdMd
  • stom rund


U kan ook de k
unstreddende k
unst kopen ipv
gratis te consumeren, dat
staat altijd beter Dolf
op uw bankuitreksels dus
stort nu 50 euro op

ja waar eigenlijk?


onder de wereld is er de wereld maar onder de onderwereld

zit je zo in
de onderwereld of is het door zoals je door onderbroeken

(nee bah niet weer dàt verhaal)

maar hoe lang nog

als dat zo de ronde


kwaai koei osque tandem
terwijl de ketting er al lang afklikt
en de coureurs op hun klotenstilletjes de kasseien tellen
eu pilleke for you
e pillike for mie

1 for you
1 for me

Lukas is de discogod
hij smijt zich weg en
watervalt dis


in Vlaanderen prikt & bruist het van de nektiviteit

ok then
lo! gout!
the dunce, in the form of the X option meaning close
‘analytics’ what is that?
i found that meaning is a picture
an all-at-once thing
what is a picture?

something under the line here

a grey strange line, what is it?
the other side? of the page?
where you are now will be exactly the same as before
only the separator is added
let’s see where was i
on this or the other?
where is the question mark?
it’s at the end of the sentence!

people drunk of their writing
called poest
aved by esus
beta soup

time goes fast
soon it’s over
it’s only five minutes
if something takes time it’s like it’s over
picture yourself at the over
that’s a ‘picture’
a -graphy

a table

with no rows in it?

(code me) an emphasis
without the need to
emphasise what
is not part of it.

(catch me) an interface
something graphical
the thing of some
being a line for ever


do the codfish
decent thing to do
ooo peration waterski:

start with a pentagon scribbled
in the sand, some wings of hijacked
planes still sticking out where hijena’s gather
at night to mourn the lack of death

transpose by ecstratical polation
the gnomon to a watery field
the liquid swerve of longing
for a (w)hole in the surface

click clack
openmouthed a jetlag
behind the speedboat eyes

TURMOIL, ufcurze
this is a present day
application hombre
use cnn if u sneeze 2

sight turned off hitting the
plain foaming smalltalk spraying
away from where the vortex
opens to give us our daily
splash or either indeed is,-

hubble de dumblety scopi

full stop perhaps we had



we better kept perhaps we
should have continued to
nag booze hit it off with the few
that were left back then than
at least we needn’t have

all of this and so much more
a grey pack of lines crossing
the border, the odours of her

the crap of her

boneless shoulders curling
into armpits while the tongue
sits tight desire sticking out

like a mad dog’s penis
from under its fleece

ready to click
hurry nay hurray
agitate & use

the whole bunch

seperate esperances
dripping to the sea
of severance

a whole lotta
hopes came floating by
all in obedience
of the laws

cornflakes lots of
fields of lakes

all of them

applicable to hopes
floating by the windows
before they pass

away / beneath

the plain plane
the humming plane
a Dakota for all i know

foaming with
smalltalk where
the vortex faces
the emptiness
of your face hitting it.

water into the sea into
the water into
the sea in
to the



meanwhile the blackhared
nurse/stewardess desperately
wanting to get
rid of the hares,
spills you some plastic bags
in your lap taping your mouth
no we can’t land
now u
on in stead give us

URPINPLEASE (el mejoramiento de
la seguridad para los clientes del banco):






























































A google beta app is always
Full of pages signifying nothing.

Never mind, let’s play.
Let’s pretend it is not the late author
pretending there is time left to play at this
whatever we are playing.

let’s pretend we are different, we make
a difference, we are a difference makin a difference
we bla the bla while blabla is blablaing the blabla.

Let’s play until dark. Yes that too.
Let’s play until it gets dark, let’s play
that it gets dark. Spelen dat het donker wordt.

It used to be rather commonplace until
some deemed it necessary to turn it into a horror movie.

It used to be known as a matter of fact.

We get what we want. Not just sometimes.
We always get what we want.

We don’t get what we want because we deserve it.
We do not earn what we get. We just get what we want.

Searching equals building. There is only one search&build process.
It is completely reversible.

Irreverent searches
careful, I’m trying to upload some pics
How come a picture is instant and big, while a text is sequential and small?
A text is also small pictures
Is then a picture a text in some sense?
Do we understand in pictures?
Once there was a dog
Now you can see it
My notebook
the text is a cipher
the image
394 is dv
49 7 is me
12 6 is me
978 is noemata
72 is not frog?
BDQKXS is the name of the book
syUmPQh is the sum of simulation
SwoQ6 is when you edit together invisible
the queue stands out
FISH queue – First In, Still Here
Save the fish Iqtus Inri

But who will save the swordfish
diving deep into the hot oil

in search of darling little french fries

in need of a valiant saviour?

What does one do indeed
with a sword in hot oil?

It is writ in the Olly script

that the English will always
be worse off, just for being so darn
islandic about everything.

Furthermore, you can always tell
a text was written by a bloody

foreigner by the frequent use
of the word furthermore.

If the Olly script
was written in pictures methinks it

would need a whole lotta more

megabites et le Grand Goog
serait obligé

de planter beaucoup plus
de storage fields

à Omar Kalief’s Hornia.

Perhaps that’s a good idea for WWWIII.

Do we understand the dark matter

in cigars? Was she right about wilbur’s

chora going out the window? Who

will we turn to when this Jules Verne guy of France
has finished messing with our heads? Do

we still die when she does the poissons-
nous thing, or

have all the fish inadvertently
left the building? I think

its too late again. Te laat is

te laat. De Winnitou-regel

is altijd en overal van

dashkracht. Het witte

einde tussen de tijdsregels

der dichtende vijftigers, het voor de vuist

wegristelen der taalschobbejakken,

de mediahijgers in opdracht der stelselmatige

belastingparadijsbetalers. Ontvlucht mij

want ik ben het waard. Het waard

zet u buiten, in de mist mis ik nog

het missbaksel dat u was, maar

mijn thuis is al lang waar mijn gat

van ontzetting en ringkrampen
te druipen en te dampen staat.

U draait mij al lezende teveel

te erg te binnenste buiten.

Pijn is wat u wakker maakt.

One for you one for me.

I shall divide the division
amongst you equally. Love

will tear your apartment, hate

will schred your furniture, pure

thought will split your leftover

livery tingies. Speech will cover

your ceilings with a thousand

bleeding lips once again.

Hard Rock Stars Upon Avon.

English texts

Pah World

‘PAH World’ is a novel chemical structural
model for the formation of prebiotic protoinformational
oligomeric materials, presumably ‘upstream’
of something resembling the widely regarded RNA

World. The model is based on the self-assembling
discoticmesogenic behaviors of polynuclear
aromatic compounds, their photochemical
edgederivatizations (e.g.,-OH,=O), and the selectivity

of such stacked supramolecular scaffolds
for the edge-on binding and ca.0.34nm
plane-parallel pacing of random collections
of small prebiotic heterocycles, taken-up

and concentrated from the presumed ‘dilute
prebiotic soup’.The constrained separation
distance could further select for oligomerizing
‘linkers’ of fairly restricted size (e.g.,(HCHO)n),


would condense with the small heterocycles
and also with each other to form the flexible
structural backbone of a first generation
of proto-informational oligomeric material,

stabilized against both hydrolytic and photolytic
degradations by its association with the discotic
aromatic mesophase. A local pH decrease
(e.g.,volcanic SO2(aq.)) would disrupt the hydrogen

bonds anchoring the oligomer to the scaffold,
thereby releasing segments or portions
of oligomeric material to explore intramolecular
degrees of motional freedom, perhaps folding

back on themselves to match up adventitious
Watson-Crick-like baseresidue pairings. Segments
rich in such chance complementarities would likely
persist by virtue of the combined co-operative

strengths deriving from multiple non-covalent
intramolecular interactions: hydrogen bonds
(base-paired heterocycles), and van der Waals
forces (including ?-? stacking interactions). Base

mismatches would naturally lead to point
replacements towards minimizing conformational
potential energies, in which stacked planar
base-pairs would effectively constitute the

essentially hydrophobic ‘aromatic cores’
of quasi-discotic mesophases in the secondary
and tertiary structures of these proto-informational
oligomeric materials. Push it hard baby, push it


English texts

this Bruno guy he’s kinda different him he sayz he’s a sucker for the Real Thing so he don’t cover up his shit but then he’s not deaf to what nature or the gods or fate or whatever is telling him either cause heck if you bring it down to our scale it’s pretty complicated too cause you see all this talk of spirit, soul, winds and other smelly stuff it’s basically all the same stupid conjectures but the conjectures are hard facts too, but hey he’s not gonna call in all those Greek MF’s so he’s strippin the shit but he don’t care if that makes him look stupid or anything or if you refuse him the academic seat you oughtadamnwellbegiving him insteada burninhisgoddamnasslikeyoudid, sure we are all guilty we always were it’s not because you didn’t ask to be born you’re not part of it, so if you’re part of it you in fact did ask to be born now where was i oh so because he’s going places where no man has gone before and heck if nobody gets anything of what the F he’s talking about well hey dude, that’s it, i mean what more can you want, here look at what all the searches, the invention and the opening up of stuff like this has brought me, anyway my Latin’s quite rusty too so i can’t give you a real translation although i wonder if that is possible cause i think it ‘ll take some time to decide for instance how you are going to translate a word like ‘sors’ somewhere in the middle of this so even if or when but hey it’s improving like real fast i mean bullit time fast man, so two years from now and i’ll be annotating my Java code in it’s Dead Splendour so nobody can complain about the Dutch anymore cause you see any time some sucker comes down on ya with some silly ideas he’s always bringin in the is Bruno guy as an example saying shit man this world don’t get anything anyway but if you turn the nickel it don’t change into a dime cause most of the time them dudes just be reading like say the titles or stare at the damn pictures and see their old loves dancing naked in them like some damn motherfuckers who don’t know how to read yet but hey man i’m just a poet from kessel-lo so i kinda like his rhytm so i be reading him first cause the bugger is kinda doing a shakespearing quality rap thing in italian whenever he lifts his little finger so like Eliot said on Dante you can read the whole shabang without getting what it really says and still get it and the rest is plain dumb laziness cause if you got that far and you’re serious about your business, i mean your act, handeling and all that jazz well there’s no way you can ever stop there, i mean it’s not an addiction it’s not a bleeding obligation i mean there isn’t anything else in the frigging world i mean oops there goes the female reader again it’s like being at it and very close and then someone’s telling you you should knock it off, i mean you need to get done with the guy first i had the same shit with bleeding Horace too, now i’m not saying i’m done with that sob, he really is a major pain in the ass you know, Malherbe’s a bit easier to get rid off although i needed Ponge to get rid of him so now i’m still stuck with Ponge and his damn tables and the Ancel vampire is still lurking too so often its a juice bar of too many girls looking like jewish proincesses and too little time and meanwhile you guys are making alla that noise which ofcourse is the frigging same thing all of that stuff is flatlining here now or at least you think it is cause code is code and every contraction put to the extreme is an ending and every ending is a start but it doesn’t happen unle

English texts

yes but of course its a Component-Integrated ACE ORB at the core of the noise diffusion in Brampton, Ontario starting its synchronisation well past the burning point lipotypically suck-hopping the buzz speed while the Sheperdness is Anchoring Near the Maple Bridge in Night there will be spirals emanating from the tiny spot of ochre but you will not be able to let your eyes rest on it it your hairy breast will turn to withered paper instantly your eyes will implode a bird will dodge your ashes for your damnation is eternally yours and yours alone none of the living will be affected by your destruction there will be nothing heard there will just be the tiny spot of yellow ochre as she bends over the bycicle to fasten the chain-lock but you will not be able to rest your eyes on it your time has not come your time has never been there will just be a tiny spot of ochre Avril says it is Too Much to Ask, that she is Naked allready, she begs you to Take Me Away, she says you will be Together but Don’t Tell Me there’s just the tiny spot of ochre which is her neck which is moving downward as she is trying to fasten the chain but you will not see it because your eyes will not be able to rest on it your eyes are burning in slow motion eternally they are the cymbals of your desire they are the Silence of your Letters they are the Please Forward This to all your Favorites with 4 and 5 Stars For These are the Media with Low Bandwith in my Library, its five year Mission to explore the pixels of my Sloth, my Slowness incarcerates Me in the Ample Megabyte of Virtual Memory as it is now now now now getting stuck in the Bad Sector of my Ratings I am forever dropping Soap i have seen the best minds of my ghosts stand Still in Awe before the Sight of a Can of Heinz Beans in Red Sausage for when you no longer chase away the flies your days are counted i have seen them sucked down in the swamps of Diligence like Minstrels playing Minstrel to please the Aria for Soprano and Ensemble nothing will be heard your eyes will not rest regardless of denomination sex or creed praise be the Demon praise be the Demon impregnating the Demon Witch Child for i do believe in g*d so help me my tonsils While He is vainly hacking away with the Chainsaw Towards His Own and Final Redemption He Will Most Surely Accidently Hit The Golden Interrupt I turn the corner of prayer and burn in a blessing of the sudden Sun in the name of the damned i would turn