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Flash 8 sketch of Ilya Kabakov’s Universal System for Depicting Everything

New places in the Cathedral – januari 2006
Are U Adolphe Sax?

USSR or the Universal System for Social Rehabilitation is a rather cynical piece by dv (the author formerly known as a video format) on the tendency to excessive tagging that the IT-industrie tries to hardcode in our wobling perception of things-as-we-name-them

Be tagged or be nothing . While Baudrilliard sprays the screens of our academics with apocaphilical* whitewash, yours truly’s but gets banished to the private torture cells of auto-destruction.

So what about You ? Are U Adalphe Sax?

The series WITVEESWIT BACKFACEBLUE is getting along nicely: number 4 shows a sad homo patheticus complete with obligatory clenched fist just about to get off, but u, mon semblable, are a Hypkuk if you do not notice the splendour of his moment suprème hanging in the trees.

To view number 5 you’ll need the latetst flash player (8, allready) ‘cause there’s about 5 megs worth of visionary video included that got squared out to hideousness in the previous video codec. This new On2 VP6 codec included in Flash Pro really is worth something.

There’s some references to Bergsonian notions of duration here and an Eliotesk bird is flying into a loquax rose garden, but in the end this is a gender piece and a cryptical declaration of love to my dearest.

Subjectivity is a floating concept, a zoomable spot on Google Earth where focal points, views on the traffic islands of identity keep getting screwed up by road construction signs and shouts of incoming fire. Nil novi sub sole…

The series now has an internal navigation menu and there’s a minimal flash visualisation of some user data as you access the files.

* apocaphilia cfr

Alan Sondheim pointed at this in the Wryting list recently:

"Apocaphilia – Inspired by Bruce Sterling’s grounded response to James Lovelock’s mind at the end of its tether, Jamais coins a new term, *apocaphilia.* Perfect."

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