drawing a simple figure is quite hard

graphTing is a way of scratching Cathedral Skin…

“….you can save the Tings now. on the server at least, so you need to keep the URL of the show_graphting.jsp, or make a printscreen there. the children love ‘m.
here’s one my younger daughter (8) made:

so now i need to make her a gallery of graphTing.
G-spots like this may proof to be viral, spreading all over the Cathedral.
Users leaving scars, signs of a violent intrusion. Animate them.
Decay/healing. Add sound, suggestive of germinal life (what a funny b-movie association that is). Echo’s of recorded, intentional movements on a 400×400 grid, mice scuttling over portions of screen signifying nothing. Collections of gray vectors pointing at words. Touch me, touch me, touch my brain. The time delay thing is absolutely required, difference and repetition adding up to a virtuality, it’s not the machine that stands in the way of drawing a simple figure, it’s the human thing, our lack of control over (ourselves over)time. We hate it,perhaps. Children love it.

No there’s nothing there yet. The screens we read are blinding, anaesthetic agents, preparing us.

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