Some items of interest in our pointed space

) Recent article in Scientific American on OOP and post-OOP:

A ’traditional’ bridge (?) towards what Jared Tarbell is doing so brilliantly these days: Howard Barnhart at

JT Paasch is getting high Cathedral scores in theology and Flash generic programming at

Paul Prudence at

and seems a good one on tech-design-architecture
and will show you us Europeans calling algorhythmic art ‘evoart’, so perhaps we should all decide on how to generate a sound algorhytm to generate some decent names to call our art (or whatever we’re doing)

(are we? Y/N|

I’m sure it’s all a mundane form of nAârt, ofcourse.

Wish i had the time to show you how the nkdee.xsd schema can be used to populate a website and perform genetic operations in a java web app while maintaining monadic ‘control’ over the process.
I’ll dream it instead…

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