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Update to the Starter file at the Cathedral

[Written @ the Cathedral:]

– I’m trying to build a game here, the Cathedral Game. It’s going to take a long time, because i can only work on it in my spare time. The purpose of the Game is very complicated and mysterious as well as utterly simple: you can read about it in the Introduction to Cathedral Building.

– I’m also trying to develop some artistic publishing tools, mainly for publishing literature on the internet. I use my own work to test these things. I’m trying to make this kind of private content management system, because nothing on the market seems to satisfy my needs. I think they might become useful for others too, so i’ll be releasing source code for anyone who’s interested in alternatives to the predominantly object-oriented soft that’s out there. I don’t make any promises though, because time is limited and i wouldn’t know when anthing gets finished

– When you combine both strategies, and add my constant need to write, or mess about artistically, what you get is what you see: a process started in september 2004 and rapidly (?) turning into a field of artistic research. Given sufficient time, the central questions i would like to formulate some answers to with this kind of research would sound like:

What kind of writing will be the result of writing with tools that are co-defined, simultaneously developed, with the writing itself?

In how far will this ‘website’ be writing itself ?

Can you get a process similar to (Semantic) Web Services up and running based on different ontologies than what’s being used now?
Can Software Agents be programmed to behave artistically? Poetically? Ethically?

Is there such a thing as a poetic algorhythm? What would it look like in, say, JAVA?

What happens to text when you put it on a publicly available URL? What happens to poetry? Philosophical texts? What’s all this talk about liquid data?

Untsoweiter. Working with processes in a project of artistic research implies by its very nature that you do not exclude questions, that you are aware that formulating a good question is a very rare event, because such a question implies the possibility of a right or meaningful answer. So, primarily, i hope the questions will get better, in time.

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