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Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer, natrillend van een aanvaring met Velimir Chlebnikov, in de ijzige watten gelegd door Bjork.

Anselm Kiefer’s exhibition, Velimir Chlebnikov, was first shown in a small studio near Barjac in the South of France then moved to White Cube in London and finished in the Aldrich Museum in rural Connecticut. The work is comprised of 30 large paintings—six-feet high and around 10-feet long—hanging on two banks of 15 on facing walls of a expressly constructed grooved steel building that mimics the studio in which it was originally created. The works are cluttered with items such as string, gloves, sunflowers and miniature warships. While most of Keifer’s works explore the ambitions and failures of humans, this work illustrates the ability to love and create despite our tendency for evil and vanity. [1]

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