No Sun rising on our Buick this July 11th

there it he
how it

ascension of baby-skinned hairless kittens
amidst coffee fumes / 2 towers crashing
in a plastic bag tied to the butan gastube

tiles of sefardic blue marble
throw followed by you are now listening to
François Couperin at the dentist’s

nude bricks as break as a crow’s beak they break as into break us dogs as bark
ashes part 806b of a red Buick goes phong
as deliberate phong
as few pfffew
phing so

she while

she saw

hear it


here honey (anorexic fold digging deeper in its needneed)
blast start wizard
here honey(fold)
wizard ()

you you keep kept won’t you

sounding Am sound Am
erica da dum, da dum, da dum, da dum

there […] a house in New Orleans
goes phung all by itself on the Hammond organ

the neighbours thought it was
for their chickens to
but in the end they decided

while Marilyn kept dying

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