Moving the Cathedral

The wooden statue of the Cathedral in its new surroundings with a buddha and a St.-Hubert deer (missing part of it's crucifix-antlers)

In a few hectic weeks we were very busy moving from our old house to our new home in suburbian Kessel-lo. Security was a heavily debated issue when moving this wooden statue of the Cathedral. It’s estimated value is 3.576.156,00 Euro (or American dollars), at least that’s the price i’m selling it for, having no further need for it. We finally decided on a security scheme combining conventional sensor based apparatus and a dog called Neo (pronounced Dutch: nao), Guardian of the Wood.

Neo, Guardian of the Wood

As you can see, Neo is a very fierce animal. You wouldn’t want to be near him when he’s in attacking mode.

Now that we’ve pretty much settled in, work on the Cathedral’s other transfigurations can be gradually resumed.

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