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Als ‘Little Mind Pamphlet #3‘ verscheen zopas bij WAXCHIMPATIC, de nieuwe publicatie van Wilfried Hou Je Bek rond de problematiek van de primaten-poëtica. Wilfried maakt hier de resultaten bekend van zijn transcriptie-experiment waarbij aan verschillende mensachtigen in de blogosfeer werd gevraagd het discours van een chimpansee in schrift te vatten.

Voor de open-call zijn er bijdragen (de namen met MS in hun hakenstaartje zijn verder anonieme MySpace contacten van Wilfried) van  Rüdiger Schlömer, Mikel Maron, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Tim Gaze, Hutch Demouilpied, Lucy Cheung, Kanzi (MS), Anna Blume (MS), Nico Goethals, Google (MS), Bart Plantenga, Nurit David, Daniel Denk, Nick Grindell, Fran Eisemann, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (2x), Dirk Vekemans, TwelveStep en , helaas, in de afdeling ‘Gemengde Berichten’, Didi de Paris.

Als teaser hier het Nawoord:

In her lectures on nature conservation Jane Goodall wants to
give a voice to the otherwise voiceless chimpanzees of Tanzania
by mimicking one of their Wo contact calls. A recording of this
ape-call was mailed to a small group of friends as an ape call,
along with the question to write it down. Nobody failed to notice
that the caller was human not ape: therefore, the distinction is
verifiable obvious. To us and, you would hazard to guess, also to
apes. Yet, in the field, in the zoo and in the laboratory, humans
are communicating with apes using grunts and hoots. Apehuman
pidgins are already a reality and this PrimatePoetic
experiment agitates for a further integration of Great Ape and
human language. Part 2 brings together all replies to an open
invitation (part 2.1) to transcribe a (real) chimpanzee call. Part
2.2 brings together the transcriptions, phonetic and otherwise.
Part 2.3 collects a number of curious incoming emails that shed
some light on the cultural perception of apes and their language
in western society. Part 4 concludes this booklet by bringing
together three transcription systems for communication of ape
calls without the use of recording equipment.

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