Lanny Quarles to Wryting

Rubber Einstein Mask, Kiss Credit Card, and Sizzlelean

a chandilier bird must urinate
tiny gyroscopic theatre coins
whose actors are the seahorse
balloon sarcophagi of the litch
and squamous tethered to alpine
radium teeth kookoo’d with a
fading aboriginal fullness the
perception of time or even a
mask made from a science fiction
paperback its snore filtered
through a ring modulator whose
once upon a time was fakir mustafa’s
childhood depicted as a pomegranite
with a pinch collar typically
we are bathed in radiation
and the invisible baptism of headless
rays bounces aimlessly through
the mirror scaled dragon dancer exoskeleton
carried aloft by ice skaters on an
ice 9 gondola swinging aneath the
golly 6 zeppelin

no railing

in trouble with the law

in spain with a headache

with a naked girl hanging
out of its eyesocket

towards a little cup
whose just giving all it can
and keeping that cup close
all day long
cuz it was a good cup
a good waxy cup

with a little brown spot
a bird
with a dog’s head
with electric fans for eyes

live shrimp
look odd un
der bla

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Hi Li,
Thanks for your comment!
this particular text is by Lanny Quarles, who is a regular contributor to the Wryting-L mailing list @Listserv.WVU.EDU.
(Google Group reading interface @

I admire Lanny’s writing a lot, his theories of the grotesque are of considerable influence on my own musings.

Some other posts on this blog also originate from that list, i like to do that occasionally when someone or thing strikes me as particularly agreeable to Cathedralic moods.

The Cathedral, or Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends is a Kurt Schwitters inspired net-appearance at , my marginal centre for the distribution of cultural goods, this blog is kinda promoting or circling the process.

Actually, these days, the thing itself appears to be hibernating or something, at least there hasn’t been a lot of activity at the actual URL lately.

Perhaps the heigthened activity at the Dutch blog has some relation to that.

As far as the Cathedral goes, i know as much as you do: i only built the darn thing.

This blog is growing into a collaborative thing, it seems, which is altogether a nice thing, so i changed my signature into something that would indicate a certain lack of definite ego-construct. I only believe in the author as a free floating monadic unit anyway, which is why i don’t adhere much to the prescribed path to publication, whatever that may mean. Who am i? Me? ATM I’m just a fairly mediocre poet from downtown Kessel-lo in Belgium, i just like writing and painting and generally messing around on the internet a lot. Once this code is added to the network it doesn’t really relate to what in fact wrote it anymore, does it? There’s a flattening aspect to digital personae that is maybe escaping us if we stick to the metaphors emposed by these blog-applications that are very restrictive, paternalising, patterning etc…
That’s part of what the Cathedral wants to investigate/escape/implode/re-invent/whatever

A lot of thoughts, too much i’m sure.
Thanks again for your interest!
dirk vekemans

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