Bob BrueckL to Wryting

Heaps of gleaming pipes of vomit: cudgel

Razing adder fang, a glazed discharge, grazing in
a mire of wands, hiss of dross,
bemoaning pangs,
heaps of gleaming pipes of vomit flouting hoofs of loins,
welts and whelps, salvaged eunuchs suckling spears
in a stalled rage of scabbards,
in a disquieting hollow,
sore-thrust vapors,
maw of balm, armholes in fetters, thwarted victuals,
canker-worms winnow me,
a dithering tinder straggler
in a whirlwind of haughtiness
amid the rancor of vexed moles
abhorring the ragged clefts
in a tumult of ruined willows
cleaving to the stout jingling,
jiggling the flirting of the scourged scepter-cudgel
with slight toning to the spine.

My eye, my eye is an abject object.
It swallows woe. It cleaves to my ruddy footstool.
It swoons and gnashes its teeth.

Lop of filth, squabbling purged,
hewn pomp despoiled,
viols of feces in flames,
gleaning ears, rifled canopy purged —
parched porcupine.

Hewed out churl panting foul sprigs of hailstones
to tamp down the swelling stubble wicks,
the marrow of puffery in the skimpy stench
of conduits devouring the gasps of wiggling
scoffers, quenched mutterers meted out,
waxing pale on the cusp of a bosom’s breastplate,
a dandled thrill in the briers and bulwarks,
rash caterpillar chiseling, gone astray.

Commotion plucked up in a cleft of the rock, cracked;
the breach bemoans parched carcasses
marred from afar, a glazed discharge in the truncated sandbox.

A tingling wail is defiled, commotion mars the tickling breach.

A stiff spew
wallows in it, a vile light tills it
yellowing to the edges, stiff in the dregs,
plucking moans from afar —
a glazed defiling discharging commotion, marring carcasses in the truncated breach.

Ingots shiver without stint,
the blight stooped — sluice juice overtopping the sloppy flint.

Hoodwink — the quench undone — the dirge in the crags scorned,
the rump lairs’ torrents and groans all a quiver,
the shackles flaring-up to double-cross
and woo the clutched footstool.

Daybreak grumbles barbed,
sprouts of the noose-abyss, bluster lashing the mire,
insipid sash of hoarfrost soothing and devouring
what is retracted.

Fickleness gloats, like a black cloud hewed out of the brush;
it winnows the gleaming pangs awestruck in the molten kindling —
haughty marrow gnawing the purged dung,
pail mired in the wormy stinkweed
of withering avarice.

Dusk abhors the shuddered dainty
lime, ochre, charcoal — stifling sheaves distilling curs —
thirsty papyrus groaning shabbier, hissing dirge
unwavering lashes bridling, impaled,
smelting fringes overawed in the noonday trickle,
withering hordes gnashing slugs convulsing in brocade,
thwarting the clutches of the bulwark.

Adder fang clutches sprouting rants: cheek bone
smitten to collude with the piddling lackluster all aflutter,
raiment cringed, tittle of eyelids
backbiting the expunged crow’s-feet.

Squinting without stint, it stoops to undo
the torrent of quivering scorn,
the barbed footstool-noose in the devouring hoarfrost
of defiled bushes, molten pangs of shivering blight
overtopping the crags of lairs’ shackles’ double-crossing
the grumbling clutches lashing out against the sash
gloating in the kindle surge.

To the dregs, the hoodwinked sluice-dirge
rumps up against the groans that flare
to woo the bluster of sprouting daybreak,
soothing in its insipid fickleness.
The black cloud winnows the wallows of the cheek teal
smitten to collude with the piddling all aflutter, eyelids backbiting the expunged lackluster.

Awestruck marrow in a pail of worms, dust gleaning to woo
the sheaves of thirst groaning,
hissing smelted trickles convulsing in the bulward clutches of the rattling ranting.

Haughty avarice withering, shuddered stifling,
the curs lashed unwavering,
bridle impaled in the noonday hoard
gnashing the withering slugs.

Commotion plucked up in a cleft of the rock, cracked breach bemoaning parched carcasses
marred from afar, tingling wails defiling the stiff spew
that wallows in it
until it is
vile light
yellowing to the edges,
lowing motion racked, each moan arched,
stiff asses cracked, pale arrows melting, dissected.

–Bob BrueckL

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