continuity emergent no g’damn the tags are below the

while rzepka {

genomen talkies unbounces
craftier carries holenmensen

make vans no war ye fake men
Ze pond never freezes sayzes
Breekstem Yo!Nathan the Richman
cheezepickking fur Mrs Morgan

herdominoemena curls inward
breastshaken organelles meantime
outfountaining thus hyprahomunculatically
unparallelled ekstatisch zoals wanneer ons
simonneke die weer last heeft
van opgeblazen tettekens asin asin o O

how satkayadrsti of you

visch visch witte visch die nog
steeds de visch van Burssens is

it outtittrices some titanics
filled with leaking wildebeests init
beats sextexting anytime new Y time

Y while rizen while
U about me while
home while
post me new i i

Do not blog us into ten tations
but lead us from deadleather
Zoa to Asterhoiza
Imummy Aculata

eck eat us Likewe knack thee

du meister
heart herds
drive them dickwoods harder
into oblivion you buggars drive


see also

Life iZ darn
ain’t it

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