Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles – “when change has come, the river runs”
output (14 tone sequence) : SIb MIb FA MIb SOL LAb DO / SIb LA LAb DO MIb LAb LAb

extra lezingen

‘End in MI’ – dv-Roland HP503 – ITL : onbewerkte uitvoering van de uitvoer van twee extra lezingen
resulting notes from the readings + 15th endnote 1the indicated interpretation was not used in the actual recording
my private key to the Neo-Caballistic Fourteen-Tone Tarot (NCF-TT) music. if you want to make some NCF-TT of your own you’ll be needing your own private key. your private key is unique to you. you’ll know what it is when you find it. you’ll find it when the program is working for you.

this is the best way to memorize your private key without having to write it down somewhere.


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