Tarot of erotic Misery

the NKdeE Asemic Tarot MS-1 Pack (there’s a blanche and noir version based on the same drawings) consists of the first two decks of tarot cards produced by what i now call the NKdeE Tarot-program or Tarot of erotic Misery.

the NKdeE Tarot-program is designed to produce Tarot decks that comply with the NKdeE Tarot system as it emerged from my daily practice of private readings1 now, every system or program running within the NKdeE framework is dynamic, they all evolve just like your browser, your text editor, the Facebook app or any other IT application is evolving constantly and some of these evolutions definitely have a vast and certain but opaque influence on our daily lives. you can scientifically analyse and describe what is happening but whatever conclusions you may come up with will be outdated by the time you have finished analysing the data.

using a rather bleak perspective you could say that the problem the IT rat race, it’s constant need ro maximize profit and the emergence of global networking with it’s (possible or actual) emergence of AGI to science is equally disturbing as what is happening to the science trying to cope with the climate cataclysm: apart from any real or imagined ideologically inspired malpractices and apart from all deficiencies in policy making, the speed of change of the object of study simply antiquates any publication.

whenever you read one of those alarming reports you clearly realize what we shouldn’t be doing, what we could have done to prevent the mess we’re in 2 or 50 years ago, but whatever you can come up with trying to answer the question what we can do now, will remain a shot in the dark because the ‘configuration’ or, if you’re a Wittgensteinian, ‘what is the case’ will have changed drastically when you try to apply it.

it’s quite a fatal error to the ‘program’ of causality as we have been using it since Aristotle. and since reason is the only thing we imagine ourselves to be capable of, we’re left with the feeling of well, being f*cked.

now, the NKdeE ideology, that can be quite dogmatic in its approach, is based on this double premisse

1) turning the whole of Western civilisation topsy-turvy, we intentionally consider and analyse these evolutions not as a path to some glorious singularity, but as as a rotting proces, a devolution. to our experience this yields better, faster and more useful results than describing them in a classical evolutionary perspective leading further and further to any imagined goal of perfection: forcefully reversing our emotional response to the information we ourselves generate renders our emotional attachment to teleological thinking visible. building on this new source of transparancy, looking at the world and life with contempt and disgust instead of happily spreading out the ‘filo’ part to all of our ‘sofein’, it enables a non-human, alien perspective, an virtual outside to the trap we’re in.

yes, i do confess to actually getting physically nauseated when watching any wildlife documentary. for me it just means that i ‘m the perfect man for the job that i happen to be doing. whatever nonsense my theories may amount to, i’m living them, they are very real to me.

2) a complete de-ontology is called for. i have written, often more to clarify things to myself rather than to explain them to any reader, extensively on the subject of de-ontologing our thinking habits here and elsewhere. i have given absolute priority to practicing de-ontology to theorizing it because showing how it works is the best way to explain it.

commercially embedded software engeneering produces the new ineffable. we all know it’s happening but there’s no way to pinpoint or control it. short of building another program to do what we are incapable of, but that attempt (several of those are being developed at the time of writing) is just giving back the key to its owner if one does not succeed in excluding our teleological illusions. as Deleuze used to say: the problem with the machine is not that it is too mechanical but that it is insufficiently mechanical. just like a dog (in our perspective all animals are superior, less devolved then humans) ’thinks’ of us as a peculiar and particularly nasty kind of dog, we keep ’thinking’ of the machine as a peculiar and nasty kind of human, but it is of course a much ‘worse’ devolution reducing us to devolutionary garbage. if we don’t behave we’ll all be tied to a tree and left while the ‘superior’ species goes on holiday, having hardcore machinic fun.

these decks were made using a very concise creative procedure involving long, back to back and very intense sessions over a period of two weeks. it was rather heavy, so i’m very proud that i could complete it (i ‘m not too good at finishing stuff).

it started as a fork to the (as yet poorly documented, sorry) DROOM- program when i began drawing, in Asemic Reading fashion, to the music i was making for #DROOM.

#DROOM was already using the NKdeE CoreSpread Tarot Engine (CTE), a very specific procedure allowing a Tarot spread (laying the cards) to generate a series of 14 (Western) musical notes.

the music generated by the CTE was now used in the following sessions as input for making the card drawings. for each drawing a new CoreSpread was executed wherein the first card was deciding what the title of the freshly drawn card would be.

in this way the tarot system itself decided what each card in the new deck would look like, since i had no clue as to which card i was drawing while listening to the music.

PROG STATUS: i'm uploading the finished cards here now and perhaps making a seperate page for each of them

NKdeE Asemic Tarot MS-1 blanche – Major Arcana

NKdeE Asemic Tarot MS-1 noir – Major Arcana



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