Anke Veld

anke veld – 5

 If she wasn’t anything, did I not just dream her? invent her? made her up to compensate for the meagre outcome of my existence, a shipwreck on the ruins of my childhood? Perhaps. But she was real enough for me.

The first time I saw her was in an ice-cream bar. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, an artist I modelled for who couldn’t draw his own dick staring him in the face. His lasagna was real good though, so I felt entitled to a compensation. 

She was wearing some Mayan  outfit. You could  see straight through it and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“For you I have nothing to hide” she said, as if she just read my thoughts. “I can”, she added, “because you want me to.” Next thing I knew we were making out in The Place.

‘ANNA’ is the first episode of the English Comic Book version of Anke Veld the internet-novel otherwise written in Dutch

If you’re new to this comic, you can start reading it here.

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