Anke Veld

anke veld – 4

Without her i strutted my hour upon the stage like a dismembered doll,

 I felt like a catalogue of canned organs and senses: the Sickening Heart, the Thieving Feel, the Desperate Stomach, the Greedy Kidneys, the Horny Taste and above all the Cancerous Brain spreading the lingo of lubric decay and luxurious rot. 

With her happening inside me I danced like a Maenad casting my spells and spilling my charms, opening and closing the gates to salvation to human ants and antlered humans alike as i saw fit…

‘ANNA’ is the first episode of the English Comic Book version of Anke Veld the internet-novel otherwise written in Dutch

If you’re new to this comic, you can start reading it here.

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