Grafiek Lopende zaken lyriek


dv 2014, Crayon, pencil, pastel and ink on paper, A5

[ FACEBOOK performance held by dv with the help and feedback of some friends on December 30th 2013]

next year i will buy a gun, and if you dare to mention poetry, i will shoot you
next year, if you need my opinion, you will need a gun and make me squeal
next year, everything will be better (i do hope you won’t be here)
next year i will love you instead of the ghost that is here
next year, my doors will be shut, my windows closed and i will be happy inside
next year i shall unleash the storm that lingers in your thighs
next year, i will share my heart of darkness
next year, i will kiss you in the back of your neck and you will come
next year, i will take your children and blow them to oblivion
next year, i will kiss your feet and ask for your husband to leave
next year i will save you from a terrible storm
next year, you will understand how sad it is that this year has gone
next year i will hunt you down like the mad dog that you are
next year i will come begging for the sadness in your eyes
next year your everlasting light will shine
next year i will explode inside of you like a gentle granate
next year your dreams will crush into my arms
next year i will hold you entirely responsible
next year my day will come


it is because you talk so much and never do a thing
it is because you were meant for me and always make me cry
it is the sweetness and the softness of your lie
it is the hurt inside of you that you hide
it is the lack of hope that leads you nowhere while there is so much that needs your care
it is your being there with nothing left to spare
it is your end, the greed that leeks, the ugliness you do not seem to transcend
it is because your mind has left you and you left me


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