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Dear friends,

Register a vigilIt takes just 3 minutes – simply add a location to the global map:

Click to register a climate vigil.


This is a time to step up. Just weeks from now world leaders will gather in Copenhagen to thrash out a new global climate agreement. The outcome will only be so bold as we demand — and it could be as dismal as we allow.

The biggest threat? That among the politicking and bureaucracy, the world forgets what’s at stake.

So here’s the plan: in the middle of the negotiations, candlelight vigils in every corner of the planet to put real human faces on the need for a real climate deal. It will be the world’s largest ever global day of climate action — and one world leaders and media can’t miss.

To get started simply pick a good local vigil location nearby and register it on the global map. From there it’s dead easy — just bring some candles and pass out the short provided message for people to take turns reading. It takes less than an hour to organise — and Avaaz members in your area will be invited to attend.

This is a time to step up — let’s rise to the occasion.

We’re just weeks away from what is truly the most important moment yet in the world’s response to climate change. We do not expect, nor do we accept, anything less than what is needed to save our planet.

Here’s how every event will make a difference:

National pressure – in global negotiations every country makes a difference, for better or for worse. The problem is most of the time international negotiations aren’t closely followed at home – but having local events will show leaders in Belgium that this time we’re watching keenly, with the power of a coordinated international movement to name and shame those countries that hold up progress.

World media – creating a world media story takes a world in action. We need to show journalists that this is more than just another protest: it’s a global coordinated day of action on a massive scale. We have demonstrated that this works — our Global Wake Up Call and the 350 day of action both generated huge global press coverage earlier this year. Now, in the middle of the Copenhagen talks, the media moment is even bigger. Thousands of vigils around the planet will give this day of action the scale we need to have a huge media impact.

Photographic evidence – Photos of every vigil from around the world will be printed and delivered to negotiators and world leaders in Copenhagen. They are evidence that people around the world have the very same ambitious goal for our planet: a real climate deal. All action photos will be also be posted on the internet for millions of Avaaz members to see and distributed to the global media.

This is a time to step up — let’s all of us seize the opportunity:

Thanks for all that you do,
Ricken, Ben, Taren, Iain, Sam, Alice, Milena, Paul, Luis, Julius, Lisa and the whole Avaaz team.



‘k Moet nog effen checken met mijn  werkverplichtingen, maar als ik vrij ben sta ik op de Grote Markt in Leuven, trappen van het voormalige Stadhuis. Vertaling van de avaaz tekst volgt. Het actievoeren zit mij niet in het bloed, maar het belang van dit overstijgt alles.

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