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WHERE: CAFE DE ENSOR, Diestesteenweg Kessel-Lo

(achter het station, vraag maar  <woar is ie ieverans den diestse steenweg astemblieft>

WHEN: SATURDAY 23th MAY from 20:30

Here @ Kessel-Lo, the Official Center of The Known Universe,  we’are intitiating the proces leading up to the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL
August 16-23th

The second edition of our participatory festival will bring you another 8 Days of Free Lyricism at the Evenementenweide in Kessel-Lo.

Coming  Saturday we start up our preparation.

Everyone is invited, either

  • —to partake in the meeting of the organising participants led by Grapes of Art, De Bereklauw and VilT (19u30)
  • —to bring us your performance, reading, artwork or whatever
  • —to just sitback and enjoy the party.

Special highlights are (so far):

  • a video projection giving you an impression of last year’s edition
  • the Brahamian Intelligence Service from Amsterdam
  • young REMO V & band
  • readings by Grapes of Art & Dirk Vekemans
  • readings/performances by confirmed participants (Dirk Elst, Philip Meersman, Claude IO,..)
  • the revalation of this years KLEBNIKOV POSTER made by Grapes of Art
  • concluding with  a splendid solo show by Peter ‘SANTE’ van Sant, our very own King of Rock ’n Roll

More details will follow as they are available…

[er: we don’t plan things, we just do them]

— please spread the word–

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