Gastblogger Philip Janssens (2/3)

Deep inside my heart
There’s this empty room
It’s waiting for a spark
It’s waiting for you
I’d make myself frail
to let you in
My hands will enlighten your pain
My arms will shelter you from harm
And my lips will reinvent your name
To be in your presence
the world around disappears
So lonely inside, so busy out there,
All you want is somebody who cares.
Every time I’m with you
there’s so much I want to say
But when I finally find the words
you get up and walk away
Actually there’s not much to say
If you need me you know I’ll be there.
If I could fall
In love againI’d fall in love with you
Philip Janssens is salonfilosoof en occasioneel dichter-muzikant:
“Al 45 jaar loop ik hier op deze aardkloot rond op zoek naar de juiste weg maar de wegwijzers zijn zo onduidelijk.”

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