pornolettrie anglaise presque negre

tombeau? mais si , even damned

pour les ombres errantes de françois couperin

i will perchance control yer soul towards the letter s
it might  be yer maitresse waking  in distress
i will edu etu  educate the sounds in which
you speak i will even spread yer bleedin sheets

darlings darlings da lingo here is not good
we need a beter fiction sth like i should
my love  4 u is endless as woods be wood
the trees belong to sounds as does my inner ear

my hurting  cock hurts women  all around the clock
but in those words  ye know ye hear yer weeping sound
there is no choice no end no giving & no joy.  no hope.

time belongs to the living but we are  by far forlorn
the quake Bcame within our shake diseased. we stir.
the dirt is what we wanted. it came. isn’t it a shame?

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