Kathedraalse Leer Lopende zaken lyriek

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Nieuwe blog voor het de nieuwe Kathedraalse bouwmethode, het meertalige, niet-mediumgebonden genre van de sun(t)ra(nce)

hier ialvast  het algoritme om tot een sun(t)ra(nce) te komen

howto sun(t)ra(nce):

  1. listen to  a Sun Ra composition/arrangement
  2. while listening do what you love doing (write/draw/make love/ dance/program/pour water into the sea) – doing what you do will result in some kind of sun(t)ra(nce)scripts
  3. keep doing what you love doing for as long as you want
  4. get your sun(t)rance(scripts) recoded in a format suitable for a blog ( text/image/video/sound) and give it the title of what you were listening to. If you can’t get it recoded just keep doing what you love doing..
  5. post it up here ( you can do it yourself if you’re a member of this blog – mail me if you want to be a member) or mail me with your work attached

lid worden van de sun(t)ra(nce)blog of bijdragen opsturen:

mail to = dirk_AT_vilt_dot_net

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more about “Sun Ra Arkestra “Pyramid of the Moon”“, posted with vodpod
[met dank aan Wilfried Hou Je Bek voor de blognaam]

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