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cut-!-up myopictures 4 scrap/book prostalgicon.
In palinospheric and pornoscopic in eye [we] trust,
inscrippled upon corporeal idealuze
(40 Seconal days / 40 Seconal nights)
as s/he/ll wear[s]-!-sloop bag slung.
cosseted all her lifegear turnclock punch:
(a whore to the very end of the world).
a muttonized disaster ./. a falterry diamondiale.
und also aber ich weiter sie .!.-!-/#/m402go. [Seconality reprize].
Scatterista mana nan.a.! –
f-east o-n numb-errors;
oper a t[I]v woundwomb /;
pal[/ad]ind[\r]ome: anna laced deified decal anna. +racecar;
anna decal deified laced anna
anna mana –
flyp orthomirror: XoT.

Kane X. Faucher and Matina L. Stamatakis

Lees verder in het huidige nummer van admit2 (nr. 26 november 2008), een online  ‘Journal for collaborative writing’


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