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Ann Bogden over het bloggen

I love keeping a blog. I love the reverse chronological nature/order of writing and reading within a blog. I love the convenient circularity of reading “around” at a blog, in an order determined by sudden bursts of interest. I love the one hand clapping.

Many readers & writers ignore blogs. Blogs are discounted for quality, accuracy, and relevance by the very fact of their context as blogs unless they are maintained by a news organization owned by a major company or conglomerate — these do seem like billboards — or unless the ethos of the blogger has helped to establish the blog as valuable. The blogger of blogs of serious inquiry — political and aesthetic and journalistic — partly establishes his ethos by refusing the personal or quotidien. Avoidance of, lack of interest in, shuddering at the thought of so many people exposing themselves “to the planet” and their sheer number, especially when faced with more important reading duties or possibilities, create an underlying privacy. At my blog there are 18 international and domestic visitors per day. Most of them stay for 00:00 minutes. Rarely, someone stops to read at the blog or comment. Comments remain on the internet permanently and can be like bird droppings to reread later except the most formal and impersonal of them.

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