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Apekak & hoe die te transcriberen

Wilfried van doet een nieuw onderzoek. Hij stelt het zo:

Transcribing an Ape-Call; Volunteers Wanted.

For an experiment in investigative PrimatePoetics we need your assistance. Here

is a short sound clip of a chimpanzee call that we want to see written down phonetically by as many people as possible. Ask yourself how you would transcribe this pant-hoot in such a way that someone else could reproduce it by reading it from paper in the most ape-like way. The vocal apparatus of apes is different then our own and this makes this not at all an easy exercise (we have tried it) but we hope that in the name of Primate Solidarity you are willing to give it a go. Please send your transcription to We will collect all submissions on our website.

Wilfried Hou Je Bek
socialfiction. org

Dit is mijn poging/bijdrage:

transcriptie van apeschreeuw
ViLTLaB: transcriptie van apeschreeuw

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