protestpoem for Jamyang Kyi

on water we write that
winds will blow words
will bulge ripples will

burst into sound & pictures
will show & wavelets will
grow. arrest jamyang

kyi & winds will blow
words will bulge ripples
will burst into sound

dv, 11/05/2008

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From: Protest Poems’ Call for Words <>
Subject: Sing For Free Speech: Poems and Lyrics of Protest!

Before May 15th!

Current Writing Prompt:
Independence or Freedom to Associate or Women’ Voices*

Jamyang Kyi

On April 1, Chinese authorities detained the popular Tibetan feminist, writer, singer, television producer and blogger Jamyang Kyi.

Jamyang Kyi’s computer and other personal property were confiscated, though no charges have been disclosed in regard to an arrest.

Her husband, Lamao Jia, has not been allowed to see or speak to her since April 7.

Jamyang Kyi’s writings and songs have not been considered political, but the Times speculates that she may be detained on suspicion of her having had contact with exiled Tibetan groups while traveling abroad.

More information can be found online. A google search will bring several pages of detailed, current links. Direct links can be found on the website.

Please express your outrage in form: a poem, a song about independence, about feminist ideals, about whatever you think is appropriate. MP3 and video files are welcome, and will be posted on the Babel Fruit journal website.

I will send the compilation off to the authorities on May 15th. As always, we hope she’s released before then.


Thank you for taking part!

We have added you to our mailing list, and you will receive requests for poems of protest to support a specific writer about once a month.

I hope you will support a colleague/kindred-spirit who is being persecuted for exercising his or her right of Free Speech. 15 minutes of writing can make a difference.

Remember to send poems to
(If all else fails:

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If you have questions or, for any reason, you would like to be taken off this list, send an email to:

Thank you again!

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