Audio Het Pad lyriek Ruis

PWN: thematalijstje+audio=ruisschroefprentje




voordrachtsessie Het Pad van de Wenende Nacht

tekst & stem: dv
bjørn magnhildøen, midi door tekstinzendingen gegenereerd & Live gecapteerd (daarnet tijdens het voorlezen) door de ‘box’ op, zie

“might be called a writing performance
though for more info have a look at”


  • het zijdelingse tijdruisen
  • het sterbezaaide oponthoud
  • de stilte ‘sans cesse’ bij het verzwijgen
  • het Wicht in de Noodweerbalans, haar stromen, haar zandzakjes
  • de lichtgrens analoog aan de boomgrens (houthakkersmentaliteit)
  • de kwetsbare stemspleet
  • de verwantschap ten einde als het Ware
  • instantiatie – distantiatie – quantificatie -(dis)qualificatie
  • het in van de letters, het uitloze van de cijfers
  • de schaduwen rondom de schaduwen rondom de schaduw van de leegte
  • de perverture van haar schoonheid daarin
  • het openbloeien op het purper van verderf torende bed
  • het zilveren dijglijden in, uit, waar of hoe dan ook, van de onbetamelijke begeerte
  • de druipende essentie van de horror in de donkerste put van uw dromen
  • de bleekheid van het zich generende vlees in de lagen velours gewikkeld
  • het geheugen van een eiland is een eiland in het geheugen, de palmboom ziet al schepen voor het strand getekend is
  • de tijdsrek die wij stervende verwekken
  • de troost, altijd verschralende bij het aanbreken van de woordendageraad, van de innige liefde
  • geniet van elke ondergang zoals wij ook genieten van uw ondergang
  • het gebed in het untsoweiter
  • de bevelen van het untsoweiter
  • de onafwendbaarheden, snerpend & zuur als vol van Tiens citriet, in het untsoweiter
  • untsoweiter


“what is trust? reliable?
in our age of schizo paranoia
which is individualism
as if our bodies weren’t enough
no(w), the self need another self
surely because it isn’t (itself)
from then on —
schizo is the structure/graph
paranoia is traversing it

short circuit is the intimate circle (if it’s called that)
maybe it’s called personal circle?
the person somehow gets it back
what he pushed out

anyway, how far does this go?
if i make myself very small
i don’t know what that means
for instance a black hole is very small
massive and getting it back
W.A.S.T.E. vast paranoia

if i make myself very light?
not invisible but light
nobody’s lightbulb
light will bend around mass
does that mean mass came first, no
it’s like money, pasta, it came last
why animate? to the speed of light
something that already has
it’s like kicking a dead body alive
animating history

everything makes sense now
i think you should be afraid if everything makes sense
because that would be the end (of you)
and that’s why you are (afraid)”

vi have to wremembert to rememer otherwise we will forget
double is support
supportive language portive sportive a game hunt
when you are somewhere it’s like you’ve always been there, isn’t that
strange? shouldn’t it make you suspicious? here, fx. ‘hunt’ because
it’s the last word, that’s were it’s at, providing the ‘game’ to the
‘double’. yeah. memories are constructed the same way. on deathbed all
was well, all that ends well – but also all that well ends? if the
words stop you will have the game, if they don’t stop you will hunt.
hunt maybe means to use a tool to get the game from a distance,
teletool, loot a lot, like karate, you have to pretend you’re already
there on the other side of the stone. mortial arts. mozart. mezart.
mother thereza. be preoccupied with money and you’ll be preoccupied
with money. ideals only fight for themselves. in the end the ideal is
still an ideal even if it’s realized, how is that, we thought it would
change its status when finally realized, but no, it’s still there in
the fish queue. like a memory. maybe as simple as that. with language
you can’t do anything.

the center of the world is in this sentence.
it’s all done with ‘attention spam’
spam DNA code
you are always reading the last sentence
the one who do
‘do’ is too short a word to impress anybody
‘maydo’ maybe like ‘maybe’
might means power so why not
the car has a lot of mirrors, one could make it completely with
videoimages for travelling many places at once, not just the end. the
end is so monotone in the machine. though the cursor keeps blinking to
attend you. the waiter. you are paid to wait. it doesn’t matter what
you do in life. the proof for that is that behaviour doesn’t change
DNA, we can’t change ourselves. well, that was easy? we still have the
hunt, the future, the game, things to do. exactly the states of these
‘does’ i don’t know, body needs its, and all the more for
entertainment, survival of the entertained or entertainment for the
fittest. fittest to what, he didn’t say. survival of the survivors.
the blind lottery. that’s the reason the child in the ‘save the
children’ lottery was blind. but then science is blind in its
tautology? the blind hunter? while the seer is blind the hunter is
disabled. the tool is the disability. yeah where are we now, we’re at
the last sentence as always. how do we know how long something is? the
seer or the hunter? the writer starts and stops. the reader replays.
no, in reality he starts and stops himself. so how does he know where
to stop, or start? it’s like television now, one channel for each
concept, it’s almost platonic in its degeneration. where you start or
stop doesn’t matter, it’s there radiating its content, called spewing.
a protocol called spew – it’s not radiating like electromagnetics to
the people, but people spewing, but where? if there is no way back to
the DNA why bother?

we have to stop here for a break, which comes first i don’t know, the
stop or the break.

now, the WASTE protocol, write by WASTE, how is that, things in spam
DNA? but then science is paranoia in its tautology, if there really is
someting, if there is an end to the sentence, or a protocol. is there
a protocol called WASTE? here, the interpretation. will
interpretations always be possible? well-defined, almost platonic in
its radiation. SPEW on the other hand – silent protocol empire we. and
the ‘we’ doesn’t take place because DNA doesn’t change. life coding
must have some other. or some same. some fiction of fiction. time goes
by, but not for mirror photons? maybe waste mirrors spew? oh the
mirror empire.

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