WE magazine #19

mIEKAL aND announced


via Chris Funkhauser

Hear Ye – See Ye – Read Ye –

the Creative Cannibal issue of We Magazine (making a return after 14 years mia,
assembled in a 48 hour period at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado)
is now available


pdf file contains:

Geof Huth, Kenneth Goldsmith, Karen Randall, Travis Macdonald, Scott Keeney, Brian Kim Stefans, Steve Silberman, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Peter Ciccariello, James Kerley, Brandon Arthur, Mittie Roger, Eric Curkendall, Catherine Daly, Elizabeth Robinson, Samuel Knights, Marcus Salgado, Wil Hallgren, Jeremy Hight, Gregory Severance, Ryan Clark, Bruce Andrews, Linda Norton, Steve Dalachinsky, Eva Wheelock, Hugh Tribbey, Lily Robert-Foley, Creative Cannibalism course ( productions and editorial

Lucio Agra, mIEKAL aND, Jim Andrews, CamillE Bacos, Sandy Baldwin, Augusto de Campos, Caterina Davinio, Chris Funkhouser, Jeremy Hight, Justin Katko, Jason Nelson, Clemente Padín, Gerald Schwartz, Alan Sondheim, Lawrence Upton

sound section contains:

Joseph Richey, Larissa Shmailo, Lawrence Upton, Katie Yates

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