if of writing be an init

Buildings are easy

For instance a be
b be c until you see
the end is nowhere
near you heard it.

If of writing
type both ways
chop fingers
type no ways

the double doesn’t shoot
the measure doesn’t leak
measure the harmless harm
the lesser harmless, e.g.

all 73 pigs drowned yesterday
they were standing on each other
in their stable in the end. The word I think
is me, another instance, the order pretending to
be the order of some higher cruelty. The bowels
of our vowel. But there is none, not a
no you, the i, it doesn’t even happen.
Lot’s of o’s getting stuffed out there.

Encore, the ease hasn’t happened yet.

If of writing print it has been we were here and

both ways. The act doesn’t read.
the smell doesn’t reek. The word
Is man is word is man man while we

Us be us without you

Do her
Do me
Do it
Do us minus one


Progroms at the end
of every program.


If of writing
Be an init.

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