yes but of course its a Component-Integrated ACE ORB at the core of the noise diffusion in Brampton, Ontario starting its synchronisation well past the burning point lipotypically suck-hopping the buzz speed while the Sheperdness is Anchoring Near the Maple Bridge in Night there will be spirals emanating from the tiny spot of ochre but you will not be able to let your eyes rest on it it your hairy breast will turn to withered paper instantly your eyes will implode a bird will dodge your ashes for your damnation is eternally yours and yours alone none of the living will be affected by your destruction there will be nothing heard there will just be the tiny spot of yellow ochre as she bends over the bycicle to fasten the chain-lock but you will not be able to rest your eyes on it your time has not come your time has never been there will just be a tiny spot of ochre Avril says it is Too Much to Ask, that she is Naked allready, she begs you to Take Me Away, she says you will be Together but Don’t Tell Me there’s just the tiny spot of ochre which is her neck which is moving downward as she is trying to fasten the chain but you will not see it because your eyes will not be able to rest on it your eyes are burning in slow motion eternally they are the cymbals of your desire they are the Silence of your Letters they are the Please Forward This to all your Favorites with 4 and 5 Stars For These are the Media with Low Bandwith in my Library, its five year Mission to explore the pixels of my Sloth, my Slowness incarcerates Me in the Ample Megabyte of Virtual Memory as it is now now now now getting stuck in the Bad Sector of my Ratings I am forever dropping Soap i have seen the best minds of my ghosts stand Still in Awe before the Sight of a Can of Heinz Beans in Red Sausage for when you no longer chase away the flies your days are counted i have seen them sucked down in the swamps of Diligence like Minstrels playing Minstrel to please the Aria for Soprano and Ensemble nothing will be heard your eyes will not rest regardless of denomination sex or creed praise be the Demon praise be the Demon impregnating the Demon Witch Child for i do believe in g*d so help me my tonsils While He is vainly hacking away with the Chainsaw Towards His Own and Final Redemption He Will Most Surely Accidently Hit The Golden Interrupt I turn the corner of prayer and burn in a blessing of the sudden Sun in the name of the damned i would turn

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