this Bruno guy he’s kinda different him he sayz he’s a sucker for the Real Thing so he don’t cover up his shit but then he’s not deaf to what nature or the gods or fate or whatever is telling him either cause heck if you bring it down to our scale it’s pretty complicated too cause you see all this talk of spirit, soul, winds and other smelly stuff it’s basically all the same stupid conjectures but the conjectures are hard facts too, but hey he’s not gonna call in all those Greek MF’s so he’s strippin the shit but he don’t care if that makes him look stupid or anything or if you refuse him the academic seat you oughtadamnwellbegiving him insteada burninhisgoddamnasslikeyoudid, sure we are all guilty we always were it’s not because you didn’t ask to be born you’re not part of it, so if you’re part of it you in fact did ask to be born now where was i oh so because he’s going places where no man has gone before and heck if nobody gets anything of what the F he’s talking about well hey dude, that’s it, i mean what more can you want, here look at what all the searches, the invention and the opening up of stuff like this has brought me, anyway my Latin’s quite rusty too so i can’t give you a real translation although i wonder if that is possible cause i think it ‘ll take some time to decide for instance how you are going to translate a word like ‘sors’ somewhere in the middle of this so even if or when but hey it’s improving like real fast i mean bullit time fast man, so two years from now and i’ll be annotating my Java code in it’s Dead Splendour so nobody can complain about the Dutch anymore cause you see any time some sucker comes down on ya with some silly ideas he’s always bringin in the is Bruno guy as an example saying shit man this world don’t get anything anyway but if you turn the nickel it don’t change into a dime cause most of the time them dudes just be reading like say the titles or stare at the damn pictures and see their old loves dancing naked in them like some damn motherfuckers who don’t know how to read yet but hey man i’m just a poet from kessel-lo so i kinda like his rhytm so i be reading him first cause the bugger is kinda doing a shakespearing quality rap thing in italian whenever he lifts his little finger so like Eliot said on Dante you can read the whole shabang without getting what it really says and still get it and the rest is plain dumb laziness cause if you got that far and you’re serious about your business, i mean your act, handeling and all that jazz well there’s no way you can ever stop there, i mean it’s not an addiction it’s not a bleeding obligation i mean there isn’t anything else in the frigging world i mean oops there goes the female reader again it’s like being at it and very close and then someone’s telling you you should knock it off, i mean you need to get done with the guy first i had the same shit with bleeding Horace too, now i’m not saying i’m done with that sob, he really is a major pain in the ass you know, Malherbe’s a bit easier to get rid off although i needed Ponge to get rid of him so now i’m still stuck with Ponge and his damn tables and the Ancel vampire is still lurking too so often its a juice bar of too many girls looking like jewish proincesses and too little time and meanwhile you guys are making alla that noise which ofcourse is the frigging same thing all of that stuff is flatlining here now or at least you think it is cause code is code and every contraction put to the extreme is an ending and every ending is a start but it doesn’t happen unle

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