stuff to build with from orga II

“Shee, shee is dead; shee’s dead: when thou knowest this,
Thou knowest how poore a trifling thing man is.
And learn’st thus much by our Anatomee,
The heart being perish’d, [no] part can be free.
And that except thou feed (not banquet) on
The supernaturall food, Religion.
Thy better growth growes whithered, and scant;
Be more than man, or thou’rt lesse then an Ant.”

During the avant-posting of this desire
Bill got predominantly killed by the kitten
in the box, a schrödi-yodling t be your h uRman
the Aunt Terry of orism waving the blade of things

in the face of the extreme. “Oh but the tesseract
will intervene” clamoth the clamour & clingeth
a plane from ironesk flatland straight in 2 towers.

we be goses we be still so speak him dumb
Hush ye fronds of Ulma! Hush ye hondogg off!
as if cutting the woods in the woods wereoff
we breath our this breath of death would

superfriggingmagically get us any nearer
to fixing the blood in the marbles of toyjoy

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