stuff to build with from orga I

my father had a band and he would look silly
on saturdays in a shirt for once
as if once and the band were named

the snakes three and i could speak of

how i loved the sound of his Hammond organ
he played it every night than as if
he never did nightshifts all the time
@ Sidal, Duffel the three shifts of work
123 1 for each week he played it
every morning as if he wasn’t shouting

then for lack at us

of sleep how i love him playing for us
as if they never got divorced and rid he
’s not nearly deaf now you know thunder of

tons of aluminium being squashed
to thin plates who needs headphones
when you hear it being done

what a thrill this is so full
of orange creeping up to o oh o
or our angel ‘arts

aortorange: 0,21546895423658124472516 %
of NOW. In every city sing
of orange workers

singing orange song
do it nude dude
dadude nude dude
doit doit

orange android
the hole of shitty ars
is runnin boohoo to mummy
on the back of back off

u lazy orange android

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