Where’s the lizards when ever i need some head to rub me a goddess into being

[late nite musings on a girl i knew & the bugger who hyenajacked her off to the orient 2 seconds before this was over, back in 1981 or was it]
//@absence.devekut.c.leave(Joke) MCMLXXXII

Mais sure ( the girl i knew)
(this knave) (this whore) (this wench) (this cock)

(collapsing the wave to your)

(cock(wench(whore(knave))) it’s but a measure of

prrt prrt (blood from the squashed skull, it
is the bird ! singing black on asfalt, it
is the drowning humunculus
rejecting the pilpul
of your breeding need, it
is two wheels rotating
twice 2 times the calcul to abyss, it
contradicts the f of fact in the flux of your step
the h of hear in hark oh your voice,
the e of eat in the grunt of your hunger)

tora me rota arto m orta
aorta rotor s s toro rotoa
ara te oro rt tralala


harba harba, harba lori fa

//there’s no color in her hair, none
//she spits out the solace that i 2 her am, smoking stukado
//splash into the glass emptied
//of wine to mingle into cells of my solace o shemesh the
//whiteness in my eyes turning red returning 2 edens
//as she double u’s
//the hour that i burn evry so eerily
//to the hole in the grass
//is her in her eye in hera’s
//magnifying glass
//cuecombing me lice in her hair, me lad, alas

the need of the dual needs a dual need
the wrist of the fighter fights the wrist of the fighter
the lips of the silent silence the lips of the silence


shall we my dear
bundle up our fear
& re-enact the delidelidelicate
procedures of the masters of wu-li? shall we inter-
fere & plunge the knive in this my bleeding palm once more?

(odi et amo, the stench of exhibit X is unbearable)

(others strike with my tune, my fingers stick to the ball)

(i know where it falters, collapses asif asin a sinoidal tendency
to act)


i will contract
i will expand
i will delete
i will cut
i will

prrt prrt M (hodie) (it)
prrt prrt E (mors) (she)
prrt prrt C (womb) (i)
prrt prrt A (flask) (we)

prrt prrt N (Joke)
prrt prrt O (my)
prrt prrt L (albino)
prrt prrt O (blacklabeled burden)

prrt prrt D (o)
prrt prrt I (n)
prrt prrt A (c)
prrt prrt M (e)


prrt prrt A (g)
prrt prrt U (i)
prrt prrt R (r)
prrt prrt O (l)

want u

2 whirl in her i dream (i bequath hereby
to the diminishing splendor of minors
all false hopes of abdication
thou foulest of pablos in the hermits
of debasement whispering the debris
of peanuts falling from the pockets
of an hawai shirt freezing

to get in a panty or 2

resembling, unsurprisingly
the buffonery of the embryo […] incubating the micro murder person to the dark quickening of sunlight)

the sun’s out –
i glide

& prophesize
a rather larger amount
of data’s required 2
see her through 2
day as it may

endswell so all
as if fLIM is a butterfly

dv 19/04/2006 23:30

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