NoiseText is Resurrected

investigating an (anti)poetics of noise, the pseudo-lyric,
literary phasmids (pha(nta)smids), email-art, textual
messiness, mussiness, neatness, neonateness, uncreative
writing, hodkoah surrealism, psychedelia, cyber-shamanic
trance writing, visual stimulus, radical democritization
of stimulus organization, anti-categorism, faux-philosophy,
philsophy of pho, gung-pho, pho-gung, literary gargoylism,
MONSTERS, monsterpo, the absurd, productive nihilism,
anti-nihilistic productivism, parodism, negative capability,
good bad writing-as-art, bad good painting-as-writing, good bad
photography-as-foolosophy, and anything else, and nothing else, or
whatever, computer writing at the edge
of whatever boundary you aren’t at the edge at, or are, or want to
be, or can’t be, or don’t believe exists.


jpg trading
html email po

Outsider Insiderism
Barthesian Sadomasochism
Rousselian mumbo-jumbo
Burroughsian Viricirq du type
Flarf for Non-flarfists (Flarfish Post-Flarf)
Dada Classicus
Undead Dada
Semiotic Primordianism
Textual Jesterism
Phanerozoic Emanations
Wiggy leerik


Obscure History, Facts, Knoweldge

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