My work at this stage requires me to bother you with this notice concerning the language used in my work, the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends. I will no longer try to write in english for three reasons.

These past few years i have come to vehemently dislike writing in english, not so much because it is tiresome (it is, but i somehow managed to cast off the better part of my laziness over the years), more because i dearly love my native tongue and because, as i grow older i tend to feel indepted to it as if to a lover that has allowed one to love and be loved for an extended period of time.

So it’s not that i oppose writing in a second language or that i dislike the english language or anything, it’s just that for the years that remain as an author i want to commit myself entirely to the dutch language and be as loyal to it as i possibly can.

Next i strongly feel my work requires me to write in dutch,meaning the creative research and development that i am doing, the growth that is accompanied by, and stimulated through my writing, can only happen ‘properly’ in dutch. The NKdeE can only happen in dutch, it can only be read or written in that language. Translating it into english would be useless and what’s worse an act of misleading its authors (readers). Because of its use as a main language in coding practices, the english language cannot be deontologicized and therefore none of the NKdeE theory can be properly explicated in english. This fact i do not think is in any way inhibitating its growth: in fact it was, is and will continue to be an important stimulus and active requirement.

Since it is always possible that i am mistaken in taking this kind of decisions i must add that i also act out of necessity: i simply don’t have the time or the energy required to shift from thinking and writing in one language to another all of the time.

So, concluding,  i can hardly imagine this to be of any importance to anyone, but i sincerely apologise for neglecting to use the one lingua franca of our time that i could use for my communications, it’s just a decision that i have made, not a choice against anything but an entirely positive one.

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