Dance of Innocent Passion

           blood throbbing blood throbbing blood
           through the world in your ear you knock
           your decay into being, short
           at first further then, here


you say, here, there, the signs you make
in the making of signs, the earth
that you grasp into grasping of air

          and with that you pass innocence’ sorrow
          onto passion the pounding rhythm
          whereoff ensues on cauldrons the crazy
          field of drops, the woolly whirls
          of melody waking up

          her cute leg turnup at sheet edge
          her rosy turning of an o to a pillow
          of air in which your cabinet of sonorities
          explodes its fluffy cloudlets,

the verbo-plumose sung-dial flops its dawn

          and out shake the colours into light
          and out gust your wasting pumps, your buzz
          and your downward rooting urge and shrill

          into its heavenly hook the woken cackling clicks
          the stiffs whose bodies were mentioned
          within  scorching sight of lacking leg
          swallowing sweet nectar with toothless mediation

          and thou smilest the smile of noble gents
          acting executioner of thing thirsty kids
          whose toys you toss over slave-handedly
          rejecting joy sticks as earthly kicks, look

          you say don’t you see what i said?

dv 2018 –  “SUN(t)RA(nce) #3: Dance of Innocent Passion”

Original Dutch text

the  NKdeE SUN(T)RA(NCE) program is an all-time tribute to SUN RA.

the texts and drawings were made while listening to the composition their title refers to.
editing afterwards was very limited, so you get to read/view them like straight from the saturnal trance.

the texts happened tomorrow in Dutch in 2008, translations into English and the drawings, using some methods/results from the second writing program, would be from yesterday in 2018

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