what is given is pending, we phlegm
             at it the passage eats at our stomach, hands
             peeling, eyes dangling on played through grounds of fear

incense in the field, prisoner of the word patria
your penis a balloon’s loose end slips from your pants
your arms not carrying your arms
your head ticking aside your head

your legs rumple
your shoe remains

               here is what passes from the i
               your i drawing your i until it hiccups i
               reflux of your ear’s soulwax

(ends in trampoline)

dv 2018 – “SUN(t)RA(nce) #2: Intensity” –  total size A4

Original Dutch text:

the  NKdeE SUN(T)RA(NCE) program is an all-time tribute to SUN RA.

the texts and drawings were made while listening to the composition their title refers to.
editing afterwards was very limited, so you get to read/view them like straight from the saturnal trance.

the texts happened tomorrow in Dutch in 2008, translations into English and the drawings, using some methods/results from the second writing program, would be from yesterday in 2018

space ’s the place

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