NKdeE Schoonschrift – ‘amour’

NKdeE Schoonschrift – french ‘amour’
dv2017 – ink & watercolour on paper, A4
  • started a new series of  NKdeE ‘Schoonschrift’, the Cathedral’s investigative strand of calligraphics
  • in this cycle the emphasis will be on ligatures between letters and word starts and endings
  • the output of the letter posing project i’m doing with the fabulous Nele De Baets-Lemmens will be used as input for this cycle. Already, in this example  you can see the starting a is modeled after Nele’s a-pose (see below)
  •  The ‘Schoonschrift’ is part of a broader R&D project trying to establish a Gignomenology, a fenomenology of movement that wants to offer an alternative to what is seen as a dogmatic restriction to objects within abstract thinking and a counter balance to the adverse effects of reification.
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