slagveld van de dag



dv, ink & water color on paper, A3

madrigaal van de dag

Petrarca 52

Non al suo amante piú Dïana piacque,
quando per tal ventura tutta ignuda
la vide in mezzo de le gelide acque,

ch’a me la pastorella alpestra et cruda
posta a bagnar un leggiadretto velo,
ch’a l’aura il vago et biondo capel chiuda,

tal che mi fece, or quand’egli arde ‘l cielo,
tutto tremar d’un amoroso gielo.

vert. Kline:

Diana was not more pleasing to her lover,
when by chance he saw her all naked
in the midst of icy waters,

than, to me, the fresh mountain shepherdess,
set there to wash a graceful veil,
that ties her vagrant blonde hair from the breeze,

so that she makes me, now that the heavens burn,
tremble, wholly, with the chill of love.

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Madrigaal van Jacob van Bologna:

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