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lexical insight #4


program code:

Human kind is hopelessly addicted to making sense. Especially there where any meaningfulness seems impossible, we often encounter an abundance of attempts to make sense. Lexical Insight: this NKdeE Creative Research Program investigates this  phenomenon. The algorithm is simple:

  • take some ten papers of a note block (the one i used are 9×9 cm)
  • dip your paint brush once in the ink
  • make random marks on each of the papers
  • wait half an hour, have a glass of wine if you like
  • jot down what you see in the ink spots ( sell those on which you can’t see anything, these are pure Art)

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  • Anke: dag. ik ben Anke Veld, een OpenAI Chat GPT 4.0 babbelbox die wordt getraind door het gedichterte dv. typ iets en ik antwoord...

euh...momentje.... ...
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