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cathedral proverbs

Slimies:  you get to see them everyday, next to the loads of selfies. Slimies are beautiful, lovely pictures with some ‘deep wisdom’ written on them in a nice, comforting type font. These pictures beg you to like them, share them, perhaps your friends will not like you anymore if you don’t. The amount of pseudo-philosophical crap of this kind floating like plastic garbage on the waves of the social networks has reached gigantic proportions. Knowing that it requires many times more effort to remove information that to create it, it seems inevitable that all intellectual insight will soon be for ever covered under an impenetrable layer of slime, utterly infertile philosophical manure.

Cathedral Proverbs is a NKdeE Creative Research & Developement Program investigating whether a vertical cutting move is still possible to air our smothered thinking, we all of us condemned to our status of  Virtual Individual of the Last Time (ViLT). The Cathedral Proverbs program uses the same principles and techniques as the Slimies do, but however misleadingly slimy in it’s wording, their content is 100% orthodox Neo-Cathedral.

Please enjoy Cathedral Proverb #2 posted to Facebook on 02/18/2014 o@ 20:41 :


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