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20100715 @ NKdeE : The Making of Izeganz, the Moving Statue

Listen very carefully for i will say this only Once,

In preparation of  this year’s KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL all Cathedral Authors are from today subject to a general Writing Arrest and are being forced to Manual Labor, a defunct Overseas Socialist Party of Sorts. To Further cleanse their feeble brains from any urge to commit wordy Reason or Sentiment to Paper or Screen, they are to be continuously exposed to Musick by The Thugs, one of whose members has recently done us the courtesy of leaving this Planet for the Great Realm of Nothing.

Furthermore, Cathedral Authors are to daily report on their activities by Means of Photography, Sound, Moving Pictures or Vomit only, this to ensure that the Gentle Managers of the Ophtalmic Control of  Misguided Workers (OCMW) should have a Fair Idea of What The Begging Bastards Are Up To At All Times and thus to assure you, Mighty  and Relentless Ants in the Service of Our Capital, that your Incredible Allowance for Life Support for Those Who Don’t  In Fact Deserve Any is at least  Well Spent!  Carpe Diem, Carpe Cunem!

Now get,

C.-M., of and at the Cathedral.

Cathedral Author dv – Daily Report 20100715 @ NKdeE : The Making of Izeganz


  1. Feet and lower legbones of Izeganz, the Moving Statue
  2. 3 episodes from the Saga of the Tour de France, waiting to be Varnished
  3. Parts of a Cathedral Lampion Prototype
  4. The Onderlegger-Boekafval-Afvalboek Papers, used to keep the Author’s Desk clean while preparing KC 2010
  5. Official Cathedral Beggars License, waiting to be Varnished
  6. A Captured Curl, waiting to be Varnished

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