Recommendation 6A. Undesirable interpolation of certain genus-group names in binomina or trinomina. No genus-group name other than a valid subgeneric name should be interpolated between a generic name and a specific name, even in square brackets or parentheses. An author who desires to refer to a former generic combination should do so in some explicit form such as:

  • Branchiostoma lanceolatum [formerly in Amphioxus]
  • Litterae infestatae [formerly in Lyrica]
  • Femina domestica desperata [formerly in Amores]
  • Homo excretus [formerly in Amores]
  • Regio occidentalis desintegrans [formerly in Europa]
  • Nomenclatura vacua hypercommercialis [formerly in Academica]
  • Lyrica liberata [formerly in Marginalia]

Recommendation 111B. In spite of the obvious mistakes against the Latin or Greek language, erroneous binomina or trinoma  should not be corrected. Choice of genus-group names remains the privilege of the first describer.

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