Spinoza flowing through all eight pieces
of my living room (here’s) (tonal modes)

“Cognitionem unionis quam mens cum tota natura habet”

1. 1 Amending ze traffique de drogues

Ending, purposing, fail. We are not the ones.
Why did it turn out to be saving and not
storing files, who’s keeping track of these

Things? Are You? The regressio ad infinitum
never is actually and even that she ows completely to
her being thought. Watch the relentless monotony of

of the survivors howling, every one of them
contributing to the distracting petty
historiolae, the flight from the proper

ductus rationis. We all need to return
to the E-bay, please proceed to the E-bay.
The sharp One, selbstverständlich, quod

mihi utilius. In the absence of Progress
our Words are to stand centered in the
waving Fields of Wild Flesh, a bilabial

auto-geneviève of sorts, sucking draught
to spit heat to damp seas to take it all to
the river S near Babylon. As in: this is the

f***** dream boy, the one dream

you will never wake from
, this is what
your mother and I have been denying
ourselves all those holidays for we are

not the ones no don’t look up don’t
at us don’t look into the story please.

Union, ending, purposing. Fail. Union

2. 2. Modern Latin, a Placeholder for part 2,
öder an inverted Rose
on the lack of conatus in present-day output of the humanity app

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3. 3 On Rilke being eaten clean in a can of worms

De geijkte wijze dient grondig herijkt. Een ordeverstoring
vindt plaats om een nieuwe woning te kunnen betrekken.

Quand les anges explodes, c’est le moment parfait pour
changer sa vie. Remove the battery pack by sliding the hatch

Forward firmly. Potentio referring both to empowerment
and to ability, hence the reductionist idea of potentiality.
We are not the ones. What is conventional needs to reconvene.
Throw bombs in the river, the fish will die, the water will get

Infested with infections. The problem will solve itself. Who
Are you anyway? Quod mihi utilius. Caute. Taking so much care
the darkness was sufficient
cause for Nietsche to turn him inside

Out. Simon de Vries. The is is the is qua issing. Count dracul,
le calculle sans cullotes de René the fileMan. Died, his lungs
infested with glass fibers trying to see a way in, out. Damned.


sans cullotes: without pants. nickname for the french invaders of Flanders

De geijkte wijze dient grondig herijkt. Een ordeverstoring
vindt plaats om een nieuwe woning te kunnen betrekken.:
quoted from Theo Zweerman “Spinoza’s Inleiding tot de filosofie”, ISBN 90 85061482

quod mihi utilius: latin for what is useful to me
glass fibers: Spinoza died from tuberculosis i think but his condition was severely worsened by breathing over his lensmaking
Caute: Latin for take care. Spinoza’s emblème was a picture of a rose with this written beneath it

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