hear s some woods

while stressing the need to create digital
angels, kinky babes with big kabbala boobs and
afrodiastic lingerings in the panties of High Art

dropouts, last minute savings for the elite
of the Mao Zedong Army Cadettes rejoining Us
in our continuing efforts
to Wart off Evil, Angelo told me in private
(with his s’s facing the death-squad at dawn)

“cur ego non vocem hanc, aut si spiritus olim
concipit egregium, si quid mens ardua conscit
rarum insigne sibi, si quo se murmure iactat
lingua potens, cur non totum in praeconia solvam
Maeonidae magni, cuius de gurgite vivo
combibit arcanos vatum omnis turba furores?”

Quite typical of him surely to be raising
such a question while answering the previous one
with a reference to another dead guy. De gurgite
vivo my ass. Look! the Spanish rabbit burrows
subterranean holes, innumerus net serica vellera bombyx
but the wandering swarms, dispersed through the flowery gardens, laboriously fill the cavities of the cork tree (multiforumque replent operosa examina suber), an aal kinds of captive birds make loud noise with their wings…flying
nube diem fuscant Veneris tutela columbae

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