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//vortech: while the rhizome virtual community is going haywire in confusion over what to do with ‘artistic’ web applications ‘spamming’ the list with (very) quasi intelligent (read:dumb) automated responses here’s some spam i received lately (from a bank lure and something involving a ring of sorts):

“it’s cylinder or lucky a crocodilian it’s naacp the bridgeable and connie ! evaluate in autonomy ! cathedra be greatcoat some linoleum a amalgam ! hen or elaine see corrode , spectra in constitute it’s naturopath the kelly the expeditious or cavitate and gymnastic in propel or fieldwork be canaan ! altruist some this’ll ! astronomer not monkeyflower or gymnast it deoxyribonucleic it trivial try provision may carrel be sagacity may crotch a jitterbug may resolute on pace or exhaustion on desecrate try sample some bereft , chad it locutor “

“The eggplant makes a truce with a skyscraper. Sometimes a lover gets stinking drunk, but a pit viper always greedily cooks cheese grits for a wrinkled tape recorder! The polygon near the wedge ridiculously satiates a feverishly slow turkey. When the defendant feels nagging remorse, a plaintiff inside the industrial complex earns frequent flier miles. Sometimes a mitochondrial demon self-flagellates, but a sheriff always sanitizes a briar patch!
With the Vibrating Ring, dynamic & mind-blowing love-making is finally at your fingertips.chore backbone a harpy It expands to fit all sizes and is perfectly designed to massage her, whilst helping him last
suntanned the cosy. for longer. If it’s unbeatable fun you want every time, then this is for you.”

Most of the spam-text generators out there are pretty advanced in how they handle dodging the ‘meaningfullness’ that spam-detecting software tries to filter and how the texts try to catch the unconsious desire of the reader to make sense of it all.
The tension has a quaint poetic effect: i mean sometimes a mitochondrial demon self-flagellates, but a sheriff always sanitizes a briar patch!

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