“This is so much another boring not an N song”

the Cathedral-Mother knitting by the fireplace

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the world of worlds further increases
the exploding complexity of the world
denying its unity

(listen for rain falling whenever you come)

the self of selves doesn’t add
to the dissolving intimacy of the self
contemplating its identity

(do not gaze into darkfury ascending )

the cynical politics of ideologies exposes
the lacking expertise of politicians
surveying their polls

(try to avoid abrupt swings in voltage)

the combinatorics of geometries actually smooths out
the widening gap of numbers
logging their mapping to inaccurate measurement

(look for one of two birds announcing a birth)

the war of competing wars only confuses
the stacking order of bodybags
labeling their contents (by destination)

(take heed of the warlords walking the wire)

the language of codes allows for
the emergent meaning of words
while poets c
hop up trespassing code,

(corroborate tastes while spitting out tongues)

the textbook of theories might speculate
on the self-inflating theory of abstracts
drawing their own conclusions

(pick up and drag broken strings while you walk)

the inflation of economies only dramatises
the alarming prospects of commerce
selling its science as assets

(mourn the melting of snow on train windows)

the theory of law itself advocates the terrorising speed
of legislation in judging before anything happens
that the making of precedents is called for,

(do not expose your genitals when drunk)

the relentless pursuit of wealth doesn’t reward
the starving need of hunger
awaiting its end

(give meaningful names to variables)

dv,derailing from line Leuven-Alken-Leuven 6-9/03/2006

note: ‘darkfury’ cfr.

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